Redeeming your Koodo promo code

Got a promo code to use at Awesome! Here’s how to redeem it.

1) Go to to pick out the phone and Tab that you want. If you’re bringing your own phone to Koodo you can just select a SIM card.

Make sure you’ve checked the details of your promo code to be sure your selection works with the promo!

2) After you press “add to cart” you’ll see a pop-up with three options:

If you’re Then select
A new customer looking for a brand new account. Let’s get started
A Koodo prepaid customer looking to activate a new monthly account. Let's get started
Already a customer looking to upgrade to a new phone. Get a new phone (you’ll be asked to sign in to your account)
Already a customer looking to add a line to an existing account. Add a line (you’ll be asked to sign in to your account)

3) Once you’ve added your phone or SIM card, continue on to the cart page and enter your code into the “Got a promo code?” area, then hit apply.

After your code is accepted, you’ll need to enter a unique validation code (you can find this in your offer details)

If you see an error message after entering the promo and validation codes, don’t panic! Double check the details of your offer and make sure everything matches up with the phone/SIM/plan you have selected. You might need to change some of the following:

  1. Tab type: Extra Extra Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small
  2. Phone: brand, model, colour or size
  3. Province/region*
  4. Monthly rate plan (if you’ve added it yet)

*you can change this in the top right hand corner of

4)  Now add your plan and any add-ons that you’d like. If your promo and validation code was accepted, the offer will now show in your cart.

5) You’re nearly done! You just need to enter your billing and shipping information and begin the credit check process*.

*If you do not pass the credit check process, please visit your closest Koodo Shop and a store employee will be able to help you complete your order.

6) Once your order is complete and you see a screen with your confirmation number, you’re all done! You may receive a phone call in a few business days from one of our agents to verify your details. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for your new phone to arrive!

We are constantly finding ways to improve our service and the feedback you leave here helps us to do that. However, we can’t respond to individual messages from this form.

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