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Certified Pre-owned Phones

Certified Pre-owned Phones are high-quality refurbished phones that have been used for no longer than 30 days. They’re available in store or online. Each phone goes through an extensive inspection to guarantee good-as-new quality, including:

  • Cosmetic inspection and repair: We remove any imperfections on our phones.
  • Functional inspection and repair: We inspect your phone’s camera, screen, buttons, keys, audio and vibration components, and battery, so it’s free of defects.
  • Network connection testing: We test our phones to ensure data transmission is working.
  • Full system wipe and software update: You’ll get the latest software available installed on our phones. Any other content will be wiped.
  • Final audit by a technician

What’s included with each Certified Pre-owned Phone 

  • A battery and wall charger
  • A 6-month limited warranty on iPhones and a 1-year limited warranty on all other phones from the date of purchase
  • A Koodo SIM Card

Certified Pre-owned Phone warranty

Every Koodo Certified Pre-owned Phone purchased after April 5, 2013 includes a warranty valid for a period of up to one year. See our warranty section for more information on each phone.

We’re sorry, but the Applecare+ Protection Plan isn’t offered with our Certified Pre-owned phones, and is only available for new iPhones.

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