Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding can be added to your account for $3/month in Self Serve.

Activating Call Forwarding

Take a look at our chart below to find the activation code you need.

Call Forwarding type Description Activation code Deactivation code
Call Forwarding unconditional Forwards all incoming calls to another number *21* #21#
Call Forwarding busy Calls will forward only when you're on the phone and the line is busy *67* #67#
Call Forwarding unreachable Calls are forwarded if your phone is turned off or out of a coverage area *62* #62#
Call Forwarding no reply Calls will get forwarded only if your phone rings and is not answered *61* #61#

Once you've found your code, follow these steps to activate Call Forwarding: 

  • Enter the code before the area code and number you want to forward your calls to.
  • Enter # and then press Send.
  • You'll see a message notifying you that Call Forwarding has been activated.

Example with Call Forwarding Unconditional:

  • Dial *21*416-123-4567# and press Send.

Deactivating Call Forwarding

  • Enter the deactivation code and press Send.

Example with Call Forwarding Unconditional:

  • Dial #21# and press Send
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