Activating a Tablet

Did you know that if you’re an existing Koodo customer you can bring your own tablet and add it as a new line to your account? It’s super easy to set up!

How does it work?

Bringing your own tablet to Koodo is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. To get started, existing customers will need to go to a Koodo Store, authorized dealer or retail location. Want to find a store near you? Check out our Store Locator
  2. Get a SIM card and pick a tablet plan, they come in all shapes and sizes
  3. Insert the activated SIM into your tablet and you’re good to go!

Just so you know, right now our bring your own tablet plan is currently only available in-store, but it will be available online soon!

There are a few things that we’d like to let you know about with our bring your own tablet plans:

  • Bring your own tablet is only available for existing Koodo customers
  • A $35 connection fee applies when purchased in store (this includes a SIM card)
  • Customers using iPads will need to manually configure their APN settings – for information on how to do this check out our connecting to the internet troubleshooting page


Can new customers activate a tablet with Koodo?

No. At this time, only existing Postpaid (monthly) Koodo customers are able to add a tablet to their account.

Can existing customers add more than 1 tablet to their account?

Yes. Existing customers can add multiple tablets to their account.

What plans are eligible for a tablet?

Existing customers can add a tablet plan starting at $20/month for 4GB of Shock-Free data.* A tablet plan may only be used with a tablet device, and requires that you maintain a Koodo mobile phone plan.  If these conditions are not met, Koodo may terminate your tablet plan in accordance with the Service Terms.

Will customers receive Shock-Free data notifications?

Customers using SMS enabled Android devices will receive Shock-Free data SMS alerts (at 50%, 90% and 100%) and their data will get paused once they reach their limit. Customers using Apple or non-SMS enabled devices will not receive Shock-Free data SMS alerts, but their data will get paused once they reach their limit. For both Android and Apple users, if a customer has set up other alert methods (i.e. other phones or emails), they’ll still receive them.

Somebody on the account with authority will be able to unpause data by adding a one-time data top-up from their tablet or via Self Serve at A customer without authority will need to contact somebody on the account with authority to unpause data via Self Serve at

Are tablets eligible for Refer-a-Friend?

No, tablets are not eligible for the Refer-a-Friend program.

How can customers check their usage?

Customers can check usage on Self Serve (


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