Your Koodo bill after you’ve activated a new account or added a new line

It's important to understand how your bill works and what you can expect to see on it, because nobody likes unwanted surprises. Making changes on your account can sometimes result in one-time charges related to the change. This page aims to clarify some of these charges, which you might see on a bill after purchasing a new phone or changing your rate plan or add-ons. We’ve outlined particular charges on sample bills and offered explanations about why and when they appear below.

If you’ve transferred your number to Koodo from your previous provider, don’t be surprised if you see two phone numbers on your bill. All new activations are assigned a phone number. You can choose to keep this number, transfer in an existing number from your previous provider, or change your phone number to something different. When you change your number, such as through a phone number transfer, you’ll see charges for the number assigned to you and for the number you changed it to. Your charges will still be accurate based on the days of service.

You’ll see a breakdown of your monthly charges in your Self Serve account under the “Billing” section. Here you’ll find an ‘Overview’ of the latest charges right on the page, but to see a detailed summary of your bill, you’ll need to select the “Download bill (PDF)” option. Here you’ll find a detailed view of all charges and credits, which include your monthly plan and, if applicable, any overages incurred, monthly Tab charge payments, a list of calls made and received, and more. If you have more than one line on the account, you’ll see the charges for all lines on the same bill.


New activation - EN 1

If you're surprised by the amount on your first monthly bill, the following might help explain the different charges you see...

Billing begins as soon as your service is activated, but your regular monthly bill cycle typically begins a few days later. This means your first bill will include partial monthly charges from the date of activation until the start of your bill cycle, plus charges for your first full month of service.

You’ll only see partial charges any time you change your monthly plan or add-ons. These will be prorated from the date you make the change up to your bill date. In other words, charges are calculated at a cost per day, so you only pay for the days you use a service.

Example 1:

New activation - EN 2

Example 2:

New activations - EN 3

If you activated or upgraded in store you will see a one-time connection fee charge on your first bill. This is the fee you incurred when you activated your line in store - don’t worry, you signed for it! If you made a purchase during a promo period when the connection fee was waived, you’ll see the connection fee on your first bill after the purchase, but it’ll be credited back to you on your second or third bill.

Key terms explained

Billing cycle: Your billing cycle is assigned at activation. A full bill cycle is the time period from the date of one bill to the date of the next bill. Let’s say your bill date is the 24th of every month, and you activated February 12th. You’re charged for partial use (i.e. partial charges) from the day you activated (February 12th) until your bill date of February 24th, PLUS a month in advance from February 25 to March 24. When you change your rate plan or other services partway through your bill cycle, the bill following this change will have prorated charges for the number of days you had the plan/service within that bill cycle, plus a full month's charge for your next full bill cycle. You’ll get credit for the days you didn’t use your old plan. To see your bill cycle you can go to the Billing & Payments section within Self Serve.

Prorated charges: Partial charges happen when you make changes to your service part-way through your monthly bill cycle, such as adding/removing a feature or add-on, changing your monthly plan, adding an additional line to your account, etc. Your first bill after making such a change will include pro-rated, or partial charges. These charges reflect the period from the date the change was made to until the end of that bill cycle. You'll also see charges for that service for the following full month in advance, because all billing for regular monthly services is paid up-front.

Add-ons: are optional features that can provide additional value on top of your monthly plan. You can add/remove these at any time via Self Serve.

Bill credits: If applicable to you, your one-time or recurring bill credit will be of the value before tax. More information about this is available at

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