Your Koodo bill after an upgrade

Making changes on your account can sometimes result in one-time charges related to the change. This page aims to clarify some of these charges, which you might see on a bill you receive after purchasing a new phone or changing your rate plan. We’ve outlined particular charges on sample bills and offered explanations about why and when they appear below.

If you’ve transferred your number over to Koodo from your previous service provider, don’t be surprised if you see two phone numbers on your first Koodo bill. All new activations are assigned a phone number. You can choose to keep this number, transfer in an existing number from your previous provider, or change your phone number to something different. When you change your number, such as through a phone number transfer, you’ll see charges for the number assigned to you and for the number you changed it to. Your charges will still be accurate based on the days of service.

The following image highlights some of the things you can expect to see:

Example 1:

Upgrade EN 1

Example 2:

Upgrade EN 2

If you had a remaining Tab when you renewed, you could possibly see:

  • Tab Payoff: this charge is the remaining Tab balance you pay (subject to any applicable adjustments) when you purchase a new device on Tab, choose to pay off your remaining Tab balance, or change to a plan that is not compatible with your Tab.

  • Tab Bonus Payoff: This charge is the remaining Tab Bonus balance that you’ll need to pay (subject to any applicable adjustments) when you upgrade, or when you pay off your Tab before 24 months, or when you keep your phone but change to an ineligible rate plan. See below for an explanation of the Tab Bonus charge.

After you purchase a new phone on Tab, you’ll see:

  • Tab Charge: When you sign up with a Tab, your Tab balance will be split into 24 monthly payments. Each month, you’ll pay a Tab charge, which reduces the Tab balance until it reaches $0. You have the option to pay off your Tab balance in full before it reaches $0, but before you can pay off your Tab Balance, you'll need to wait for at least 90 days after you sign up for a Tab. If you pay off your Tab balance but still have a remaining Tab Bonus balance, it will continue to go down each month until it reaches $0 after 24 months. If you decide to pay off your Tab before the 24 months is up, you may be charged the remaining Tab Bonus balance as well. Once your Tab balance is $0, the Tab charge drops off your bill, leaving you with more money in your pocket each month.

  • Tab Bonus charge: Depending on the Phone and Tab you choose, you might get a Tab Bonus to reduce the cost of your phone, just to make it easy for you to get the phone you really want on the terms that are right for you! The Tab Bonus balance simply goes down each month, and you’ll need to pay the remaining Tab Bonus balance (subject to any applicable adjustments) only if you cancel, upgrade or change to an ineligible rate plan before it reaches $0.

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