Repair and warranty options

Broken screen? Dying battery? Fix your phone fast at Mobile Klinik!

Mobile Klinik is Canada’s fastest growing professional smartphone and tablet repair company with convenient locations across the country. They repair everything from cracked screens to battery replacements to speaker or microphone issues, and they even provide a lifetime guarantee on most of their repairs*! All repairs are completed on site and usually within an hour by professionally certified technicians. No appointment is required. Koodo customers are eligible to get $10 off any repair at Mobile Klinik - just show this barcode or promo code. Find a Mobile Klinik.

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If you’re having problems with your phone or a feature isn’t working, the first thing you should do is check out your phone's user guide for help. If you can’t find the answer, look at our Help section to troubleshoot.

Note: At this time, Mobile Klinik does not support in-warranty repairs on CPO devices purchased through TELUS, Koodo, or Public Mobile. If your in-warranty CPO device requires repair service, please visit a TELUS or Koodo location. Check back with this page periodically to see if there are any changes to your repair service options.

Repair Service Options

The chart below should help you figure out what service you need and what it’ll cost. Keep in mind it’s your responsibility to record and erase all of your info (e.g. texts, images, ringtones, contacts, etc.) from any phone you return to us. Any phones you return to us may be used by other customers. Koodo is not responsible for any personal info left on a phone and will not guarantee that personal info left on a phone will be erased.

All Koodo phones come with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty*, except our Certified Pre-Owned devices. Koodo Certified Pre-Owned phones and tablets come with a 1-year warranty, backed by Koodo.

Type of repair What to do Applicable charges
Return or Exchange

Up to 15 days from purchase date if purchased in store* or 30 days if purchased online
Return your defective Koodo phone, free of damage and in its original condition, with proof of purchase. If you bought your phone at a Koodo store, you can return it to any Koodo location. If you purchased your phone at a retail location, you must return it to the original purchase location.

Online purchases must be returned via mail and can be initiated by sending us an email at We'll email you further instructions for how to return your device.

See our return policy.
In-Warranty Repair (within the limited warranty period and no signs of physical or liquid damage)

Certified Pre-OwnedPhones

AppleCare+ Claim
Phone problems?

Visit a Mobile Klinik location or a Koodo store to help fix your phone troubles.

Before you go, it’s good to know
Mobile Klinik is authorized by Samsung and Google to perform in-warranty repairs, and by Apple for your out-of-warranty iPhone repair needs (except for those with AppleCare+). Examples of “out-of-warranty” include expired manufacturer warranty or signs of physical or liquid damage.

Visit one of Mobile Klinik’s locations for fast, in-store repair service, often done within 1 to 2 hours.

Through Koodo:
Go to a Koodo store with your phone and proof of purchase. If your phone is sent out for repair, you have the option of using a loaner phone (if available) until you get yours back.

If your phone has the following damage, or any physical damage, it won’t be covered under warranty, and will be returned to you without an exchange: Liquid or heat damage, dents, or cracks on the handset body or screen, cracked or bleeding LCD display, damaged keyboard or keys, damaged headset or charging posts, multiple scratches or heavy scratching on the display or touch areas.

A note on accessories and removable cards:
Remove your SIM card, memory card (if applicable), and all accessories (including any protective case) and keep these items with you. If you do send them in, we’re not responsible for returning them to you.

What if I have an Embedded SIM (eSIM) phone?
Any eSIM that gets downloaded onto the phone might get wiped during the repair process. Unfortunately Koodo won’t be able to take care of any information that gets lost through an eSIM wipe from a non-Koodo carrier service.

If your phone’s eSIM line is active with a carrier other than Koodo, you’ll need to take care of getting and activating a new eSIM card from that carrier. Good to know: a non-Koodo carrier may charge you for a replacement eSIM card.

Wiping the eSIM download from the phone does not deactivate the phone plan.
Out-of-warranty phone repair

(Expired warranty and/or issues not covered by the Limited Warranty)

No AppleCare+

No Koodo Protection Plan
For your convenience, we recommend bringing your out-of-warranty phone directly to one of Mobile Klinik’s established walk-in repair shop for quick, economical service.

If you would like to submit your phone for an out-of-warranty repair at Koodo, you will be required to authorize payment up to the out-of-warranty limit for the phone (the economical repair limit).

If your phone cannot be repaired because it is beyond economical repair, it may be returned to the store unrepaired, and alternative options such as in-market offers should be discussed.

Repair at Koodo:
Pre-approval of out-of-warranty limit required.


Visit Mobile Klinik
Warranty accessory repair If you bought an accessory at a Koodo store and it’s defective, you’ll need to return to a store with the accessory and your proof of purchase. If there’s no visible sign of misuse, we’ll replace the accessory.

Koodo only covers accessories purchased at a Koodo store.
Provided the warranty hasn’t expired, there’s no charge for a replacement if the defect is covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Extended Warranty manufacturer defect repair (within 12 months or less after purchase of extended warranty) Return your defective Koodo phone with your proof of purchase to a Koodo store.

You'll still be covered for any out-of-warranty incidents under your Extended Warranty within the first 12 months.

You can find a copy of the Manufacturer’s Warranty in your mobile phone’s box.

Not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Water damage

When mobile phones get wet, they have little chance of surviving and are not covered by warranty.

Common causes for moisture damage include:

  • Being dropped in water or on a wet car floor
  • Spilling liquid on the phone
  • Rain, fog, or mist droplets
  • Leaving the phone on moist surfaces like countertops
  • Body perspiration, which can cause the main circuit board to rust
  • Water condensation caused by leaving the phone in the bathroom while taking a shower, or by leaving the phone in a vehicle overnight

It's good to know

  • Problems caused by moisture may not occur immediately
  • Often corrosion will appear on the phone charging port
  • Our Koodo Service reps can only check for external moisture damage.  We ship your phone to the manufacturer's authorized service centre, where certified technicians can open your phone to check for internal damage.

Physical damage

If your mobile phone is damaged due to neglect or abuse, it won’t be covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Some examples or physical damage include:

  • Broken LCD screen
  • Broken flip
  • Damage to housing
  • Broken charging port
  • Warped internal components
  • Bent / cracked main board

Just so you know

  • You can damage your phone by carrying it in a pocket, especially with other items such as keys
  • Damage can occur when a phone is repeatedly knocked by items in a purse, knapsack or briefcase

Find out about warranties and repairs on Koodo prepaid.

Alcatel, Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL phones have a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Legal Stuff

Mobile Klinik supports repairs to Huawei, LG, Samsung, Apple, Google, Blackberry, Motorola, and Sony devices. Conditions may apply if your device is within the OEM warranty or if your device is covered by an Extended Warranty, download the TELUS Device Check-up App or click here to check your current coverage. Sony and Motorola repairs are limited to certain makes and models and on a special order basis. Alcatel, Sonim, ZTE, and Coolpad devices are not currently supported by Mobile Klinik.

Offers valid at participating locations and valid for Koodo customers only. Offers cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons or discounts. Offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Offer does not apply towards the purchase of a device or accessories. By redeeming this offer, you agree that Mobile Klinik will communicate back to Koodo that you received services under this marketing campaign. This information will be used for administrative purposes and to help us understand your preferences in order for us to continue to develop, enhance our products and services.

* Our walk-in repairs to smartphones and tablets are guaranteed for the lifetime of the device. Replacement batteries are not covered under this guarantee. Any repairs made under our agreed contract with any of our group companies which form part of our insurance fulfilment are provided with a 90 day warranty (unless otherwise stated). In the case of all repairs, if the device develops an additional fault unrelated to the original repair or is damaged after the repair (e.g. the phone is dropped or placed in water), the repair warranty contained in this paragraph will not apply. The warranty is included in the price paid as a benefit to the original customer and therefore, is non-transferable, includes the repaired part(s) only, and, again, does not include further accidental damage to the repaired part(s).

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