VoLTE (voice over LTE) for Koodo Prepaid

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is finally available at Koodo Prepaid. As of February 22 2023, any new customer activated on Koodo Prepaid has automatically had their customer profile enabled with VoLTE. Existing customers completing certain transactions may have also had their profiles enabled with VoLTE. The majority of the existing customer base will be enabled gradually over the next couple of months.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is the next step in wireless calling and it comes with some awesome benefits. Koodo customers with a compatible phone will be able to make and receive calls over our faster Koodo LTE network instead of the HSPA network. With VoLTE you’ll get:

  • Simultaneous use of voice and LTE data
  • Awesome sound quality when calling another VoLTE-enabled device
  • Faster call set-up time
  • More innovative solutions: Customers will have access to next generation services

What’s different?

  • Previously, data was carried over LTE when you weren't on a voice call.
  • If you were on a voice call, then your data was transmitted using the slower 3G speeds.
  • Now, with VoLTE, your data will be carried over LTE even when you’re on a voice call.

Where is VoLTE available?

VoLTE services are currently available nationally, except for the province of Saskatchewan.

VoLTE E911 is available in all VoLTE-enabled areas. In areas where VoLTE E911 is not available, customers are still able to make standard 911 calls.

How do I activate VoLTE on my phone?

Once your profile has been enabled with VoLTE, the following is required to enable VoLTE on your phone:

  1. a VoLTE-certified phone with the latest software version (most new phones and latest software versions come with VoLTE settings that are turned ON by default. For more instructions on other Apple/ Android devices and software please see below)

  2. a phone restart

How do I use VoLTE once it’s activated?

Making and receiving VoLTE calls is simple. All you'll need is to:

  1. Use a VoLTE-compatible phone (most phones sold by Koodo after 2018 are VoLTE-capable within Canada and the US) that is up-to-date with the latest software.

Note: Select phones may work on VoLTE (within Canada) but not in the US (while roaming).

For a list of devices that support VoLTE, please see the tables below.

For a list of phones that don’t support VoLTE roaming, please see the “Which phones don’t support VoLTE roaming?” section below.

  1. Be in a VoLTE-enabled coverage area. (See our full coverage list)

As long as you meet these requirements, you should be able to use VoLTE automatically. All calls will be carried over to the Koodo LTE network.

On an Apple device:

To enable LTE on an iPhone running iOS 14.4 or older:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Cellular
  3. Select Cellular data options
  4. Select Voice & Data
  5. Select LTE, VoLTE on

iPhone users with iOS 12 or older releases can enable VoLTE through Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE > Voice & Data.

On an Android device:

The settings vary slightly between models and operating systems. Below are the most common settings found to enable LTE.

Tip: If you're viewing this page on your mobile phone, rotate your phone screen/turn on auto-rotate to see the full table.

OEM Model OS version Path
BlackBerry KEY2 LE Android 8.1.0 Settings > Network & internet > Cellular networks > Preferred network type > Select LTE/WCDMA/GSM > Switch on VoLTE
Google Pixel 4 Android 10 Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network, Switch on VoLTE> Preferred network type > Select LTE (recommended) > Switch on VoLTE
Huawei P30 Android 10 Settings > Mobile network > Mobile data, Switch on VoLTE Calls > Preferred network mode > Select LTE/WCDMA/GSM auto > Switch on VoLTE
LG G8X ThinQ Android 9.0 Settings > Network & internet > Mobile networks > Network mode > Select GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto > Switch on VoLTE
Moto G7 Play Android 9.0 Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Preferred network type > Select LTE (recommended) > Switch on VoLTE
Samsung Galaxy A71 Android 10 Settings > Connections > Mobile networks, Switch on VoLTE Calls > Network mode > Select LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect) > Switch on VoLTE


1. Do I have to pay more for using VoLTE?

No. All your voice usage will be billed according to your Koodo Prepaid plan, so you won't be using any of your monthly data allowance.

Note: VoLTE E911 is available in all VoLTE-enabled areas. In areas where VoLTE and E911 are not available, customers can still make standard 911 calls.

2. Will VoLTE use up my data?

No. VoLTE voice calls will be treated as regular voice calls and will not affect your data usage.

3. Can I roam with VoLTE?

Phones that are VoLTE roaming-capable (please see the “Which phones don’t support VoLTE roaming?” section below) with the latest software installed will be able to place and receive calls over the LTE network instead of the HSPA network while roaming in the U.S.

If there isn’t any VoLTE coverage, or if you don't have a VoLTE roaming-enabled device, you’ll continue roaming on the HSPA network. VoLTE roaming rates will be the same as current HSPA roaming rates.

4. What are some changes with VoLTE roaming?

Some location-based short codes might not work.

5. Will my phone work on the Koodo/TELUS VoLTE network?

All new phones sold by Koodo/TELUS in 2018 or later, and most sold in Canada, will work on the TELUS VoLTE network. If you’re not sure how old your phone is or didn’t purchase your device from Koodo/Telus, you can verify using the list below.

Depending on the phone model, you’ll have to check the model number or the IMEI to verify whether your device is compatible with TELUS’ VoLTE network.

On Android phones, you can find this information in Settings > About Phone

Supported VoLTE phones

All phone models supported:

  • Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and newer
  • Apple iPhone SE 1st generation and newer
  • Google Pixel 3, 3 XL, and newer

VoLTE support for specified phone model number

You can find your phone's model number in Settings > About Phone.

Model Supported model number
Huawei Mate 20 Pro LYA-L0C
Huawei P30 ELE-L04
Huawei P30 lite MAR-LX3A
Huawei P30 Pro VOG-L04
Huawei P40 ANA-LX4
Huawei P40 Pro ELS-N04
LG G6 LG-H873
LG G7 One LM-Q910UM
LG G7 ThinQ LM-G710AWM
LG K20 LM-X120WM
LG K30 LM-X320WM
LG K31 LM-K300WM
LG K61 LM-Q630UM
LG Q Stylo+ LM-Q710WA
LG Q6 LG-M703
LG Q60 LM-X525WA
LG Q70 LM-Q620WA
LG Stylo 3 Plus LG-M470
LG V30 LG-H933
LG V60 ThinQ 5G LM-V600TM
LG Velvet LM-G900UM
LG X Power 2 LG-M320G
LG X Power 3 LM-X510WM
LG X K32 LM-K200QM
Samsung G71 XCoverPro SM-G715W
Samsung Galaxy A03s SM-A037W
Samsung Galaxy A10e SM-A102W
Samsung Galaxy A11 SM-A115W
Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125W
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G SM-A136W
Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205W
Samsung Galaxy A21 SM-A215W
Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505W
Samsung Galaxy A51 SM-A515W
Samsung Galaxy A52 SM-A526W
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G SM-A536W
Samsung Galaxy A70 SM-A705W
Samsung Galaxy A71 SM-A715W
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 SM-N970W
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ SM-N975W
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950W
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SM-N960W
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G SM-N981W
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986W
Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973W
Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975W
Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970W
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981W
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G SM-G781W
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988W
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986W
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991W
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G SM-G996W
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G SM-G990W
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998W
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G SM-S901W
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G SM-S908W
Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G SM-S906W
Samsung Galaxy S23 SM-S911W
Samsung Galaxy S23+ SM-S916W
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra SM-S918W
Samsung Galaxy S8+ SM-G955W
Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960W
Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965W
Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro SM-G736W
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip SM-F700WDS
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G SM-F707W
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G SM-F711W
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G SM-F721W
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G SM-F916W
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G SM-F926W
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G SM-F936W
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991W
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G SM-G996W
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998W
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G SM-G990W
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G SM-A326W
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G SM-A526W

VoLTE support for listed IMEI range

Your IMEI can be found in Settings > About Phone.

Model Supported IMEI (first 8 digits)
Alcatel Go Flip 3 1563500
Alcatel 1B 1611400
Coolpad Snap 86302904, 86821204
LG G5 35774307
Motorola Edge+ 35912410
Motorola Moto E 35163611
Motorola Moto E6 35218110, 35219410
Motorola Moto G 5G (2022) (XT2213-3) 35603762, 35657463, 35769070, 35845126, 35946390
Motorola Moto G Fast 35910910
Motorola Moto G Power (2021) 35351138, 35689211, 35689311, 35689611, 35779561, 35689111
Moto G Power (2022) 35708173, 35743758, 35852182, 35102474
Motorola Moto G7 Play 35951509
Moto g stylus 5G (2022) (XT2215-4) 35147546, 35448232, 35745962, 35795282
Motorola One Hyper 35722610
Motorola One Vision 35217110
Motorola One 5G Ace 35557211
Motorola Razr 35722010
Motorola G Pure 35057768, 35230480, 35556617, 35790251, 35991496
RIM BlackBerry Motion 1498900
Samsung Galaxy A5 35522708, 35607009
Samsung Galaxy A8 35406109
Samsung Galaxy J3 Top 35222710, 35922909
Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 35781708
Samsung J3 Prime 35180909, 35240909
Sonim XP10 01618600
TCL 10L 1565800
TCL 10Pro 1562600
TCL 20s 1588800
TCL 20Pro 5G 1592000
TCL 30 5G 01619700
TCL 30 XE 5G 01619800
TCL 303 01630400
TCL Flip (4058E) 01618200
TCT Mobile One 1522100
ZTE Blade A3L 86881504
ZTE Cymbal 2 86274104
ZTE Blade A3 Plus (Z3353CA) 86881504
ZTE Blade A7P 86003205
ZTE MF723 (WF723CA) 86815303

Which phones don’t support VoLTE roaming?


Device Type Device Model
Alcatel 1B (5002W)


Device Type Device Model
Apple iPhone 6 (A1549, A1586, A1589)
Apple iPhone 6 Plus (A1524, A1523, A1593)
Apple iPhone 6S (A1688, A1633, A1691, A1700)
Apple iPhone 6S Plus (A1687, A1634, A1690, A1699)
Apple iPhone SE (A1723, A1662, A1724)


Device Type Device Model
Huawei P30 (ELE-L04)
Huawei P30 lite (MAR-LX3A)
Huawei P40 (ANA-LX4)


Device Type Device Model
LG G5 (LG-H831)
LG G6 (LG-H873)
LG G7 ThinQ (LM-G710AWM)
LG K9 (LM-X210WM)
LG K30 (LM-X320WM)
LG Q Stylo+ (LM-Q710WA)
LG Q6 (LG-M703)
LG Q60 (LM-X525WA)
LG Stylo 3 Plus (LG-M470)
LG V30 (LG-H933)
LG X Power 2 (LG-M320G)
LG X Power 3 (LM-X510WM)


Device Type Device Model
Motorola Razr (XT2000-2)


Device Type Device Model
RIM BlackBerry Motion (BBD100-2)


Device Type Device Model
Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A520W)
Samsung J3 Prime (SM-J327W)

TCT Mobile

Device Type Device Model
TCT Mobile One (5033O)


Device Type Device Model
ZTE Blade A3 Plus (Z3353CA)
ZTE Blade A3L (Z3352CA)
ZTE Blade A7p (Z6252CA)

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