Call Display+ and Voicemail are included in all Canada-wide plans.

Set up your Voicemail

  • From your phone, dial 1 + your area code + your phone number.

  • You'll hear an automated welcome message.

  • You'll then be asked to create a password, and record your name and greeting.

Check your Voicemail

  • Press and hold the 1 key and follow the prompts.

  • Press the Voicemail button on your phone and follow the prompts. or

  • From a landline or another mobile phone, dial your area code plus your phone number. When voicemail answers and the greeting plays, press the * key, enter your password, then press the # key and follow the prompts.

Voicemail features

  • Greetings: One standard greeting, one personal greeting (60 seconds max.), one extended absence greeting (60 seconds max.).

  • Message storage: You have the ability to store up to 10 messages (5 min./message) for 10 days, mark messages as private, urgent or anonymous, include a timestamp, have playback control, and save messages. If you accidentally delete a message, you'll have the ability to go into your voicemail trash bin and restore it within 48 hours. After 48 hours, messages left in the trash bin are purged.

  • Voice messaging: Send, reply and forward voice messages.

  • Languages: English or French.

Everything you need to know about your Voicemail menu

  • 1 Review voice messages (while reviewing messages), Play menu (after reviewing messages)
  • 2 Send voice messages
  • 3 Greetings
  • 4 Personal options
  • 19 Recover deleted messages (before logging out)
  • * Exit the system

Review voice messages (while reviewing messages)

  • 1 Rewind
  • 2 Pause
  • 3 Fast forward
  • 5 Date and time
  • 7 Delete
  • 9 Save
  • * Main menu
  • # Keep message as new

Play messages (after reviewing messages)

  • 1 Replay this message
  • 5 Play date and time
  • 6 Forward copy (to another Koodo subscriber)
  • 7 Delete
  • 8 Reply
  • 9 Save
  • * Main menu
  • # Keep message as new

Send voice messages

  • 1 Review recorded message
  • 2 Pause/resume
  • 5 Delivery options
  • 7 Delete recorded message
  • # Send message now

Personal options

  • 1 Personal preferences

  • 1 Change password

  • 2 Playback references

  • 3 Recorded name

  • 5 Change language

  • 8 Bypass password on/off

How to get Voicemail notifications

  • If you're in a digital coverage area, you’ll get a message that notifies you about your Voicemail.

  • If you're in an analog area, you can dial into your mailbox from your phone (1 + your area code + your number) at any time, but you won't get a visual notification until you enter into a digital area.

Adjusting the amount of rings before voicemail is engaged

Customize the number of seconds your phone rings before your calls go to voicemail (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 seconds) (Minimum 5 seconds = 1 ring, Maximum 30 seconds = 6 rings).

  1. Dial *#61# and then press the call/send icon. This will display your voicemail access number (this is not your phone number).

The following ten-digit voicemail access number shown in bold is an example: * 61 * 2265804001 * 11 *10#

If you don’t see the voicemail access number after entering this code, or if you get an error message, please schedule a callback through Koodo Assist and a rep will be happy to help you with this.

If you see the voicemail access number, write it down somewhere. When entering this code, do not add +1 in front of the voicemail access number, as the system adds this automatically.

In the example above, the number 10 represents the number of seconds before voicemail picks up. The table below shows the approximate number of rings to voicemail:

10 seconds = 3 - 4 rings to voicemail
20 seconds = 4 - 5 rings to voicemail
30 seconds = 5 - 6 rings to voicemail

  1. From your phones’ dial pad, enter * 61 * voicemail access number * 11 * number of preferred seconds # then press the call/send icon.
  • You should see a message: “Setting Activation Succeeded, Voice Call Forwarding When Unanswered.”
  • Press “Dismiss.”
  • Dial *#61# to confirm everything is in order.

Tip: To see if the set number of rings to voicemail works, get your friend to try some test calls.

Just so you know: These steps have been tested on an iPhone Xs and iPhone SE (2nd gen).

Forgot your Voicemail password?

You can reset your password by accessing your voicemail, then entering any random 4 digits when asked to key in your password. This will give you the option to request a password reset.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. From your handset: Dial 1 + your 10-digit phone number + Send or Long press 1.

  2. When prompted, enter any password.

  3. After 1 failed attempt, you will be prompted with "This is not the correct password. Please try again, or to reset your password press the STAR (*)

  4. Press 1 to have a temporary password sent by SMS to your phone.

  5. A temporary password will be sent to your phone. Please access your mailbox again using this password.

  6. The SMS will show as follows "Your temporary password is XXXX"

  7. To reset your password, please hang up and call into your voicemail again from your mobile phone, enter the temporary password that was sent via SMS and then follow prompts to enter your new password.

Disable your Voicemail

You can disable your voicemail so that callers are no longer able to leave you a voicemail message until you re-enable it. To deactivate your voicemail, please go to Koodo Assist and schedule a callback, so a rep can help you with this.

Once voicemail has been removed, if you don’t answer a call, the caller will hear the following message and the call will then be automatically terminated: “Thank you for calling. Goodbye.”

Changing your greeting

Customers have the following greeting options: Standard, Personal, Extended Absence Greeting.

To replace your personal greeting by re-establishing a standard greeting or just your phone number, please schedule a callback through Koodo Assist, and a rep will help you reset your voicemail.


Can I retrieve a deleted or expired voice message?

You'll have 48 hours from the moment of deletion to recover a message. To recover messages deleted in a previous login as well as any recently-expired messages, press 19 from the main menu.

If a customer service rep deletes a mailbox, or if you leave your messages in your mailbox for over a month without saving them, those messages will be permanently irretrievable. If you value your messages, we suggest signing up for a feature like Instant Voicemail, which allows you to forward your voice messages, download them, or save them on the cloud.

Once a message has almost reached its expiry date, you'll receive a deletion warning. You'll be asked to delete or re-save the message. If you don't re-save it, the system will delete it on the expiry day.

How many voice messages can I receive/store?

The number of voice messages that can be received and stored is 10.

How long can I save my messages?

Messages are stored for 10 days and you’ll receive a mailbox almost full notification/deletion warning 3 days before messages reach their expiry day. You can store messages indefinitely by re-saving them after the storage time has elapsed. When you hear the message "The following message will be deleted from your mailbox," you'll need to press 9 to re-save the message.

How can I change my voicemail language back to English?

Language options include English, French, and Cantonese. Prepaid customers have the options of English and French.

To change your voicemail language back to English:

  1. Dial your voicemail (1+ your area code and phone number)
  2. Press 4
  3. Press 5
  4. Select "English"

How can I prevent a blocked contact from leaving me voice messages?

If you’ve blocked the contact on your phone, the phone will automatically reject the call without ringing. The network will then assume that you’re busy and forward the call to voicemail via Call Forwarding Busy. In other words, there’s no way that the network can block a contact from leaving a voicemail for those contacts blocked by the phone.

If you don’t want to receive a call from a number, you’ll need to subscribe to the Call Control service, then add the number to the block list. After this, calls from the blocked number will be rejected and the call won’t be forwarded to voicemail.

Can I check my voicemail from a different country without getting charged?

When you check voicemail in another country, roaming charges will be applied even though it’s a voicemail-retrieval call.

Is there a way to get my phone screen to display the number of unheard messages in my voicemail inbox?

We don’t support the number of messages to be displayed on the handset. If you call in to listen to/save the messages, the Message Waiting Indicator will disappear from the handset, and when a new message is received, it will reappear.

When people call me, they hear a message in a language that is different from the one in which my phone is programmed. How can I fix this?

You can call in and ask to have the caller language changed to your preferred language.

When I tried to set up my voicemail, it said that I need a password/PIN that is 15 letters/numbers long. Isn’t it usually 4 numbers?

You can use a password that ranges from 4 to 15 digits for your account.

How can I change my voicemail password from a different phone?

First, you’ll need to call your own phone from an alternate number. Once you hear your greeting, press * and enter your current password. Once you’re in the system, you can change the password to something else.

How can I forward a voice message to my landline number?

Currently, our voicemail system supports forwarding only to other subscribers on the TELUS network who have a voicemail box.

To check my voice messages, I entered my 10-digit number from my Koodo phone line of the same number, but the machine says I’ve entered an invalid mailbox number. What should I do?

When you get this message, it means voicemail hasn’t been provisioned for your number. You’ll need to schedule a callback through Koodo Assist, so a rep can set up a voice mailbox for you.

How can I change the time on my voicemail feature?

You can schedule a callback with a rep and make a request to have this changed.

How do I enable/disable the need to enter a voicemail password?

You can call into the Voicemail system, press 4 for personal options, then press 8 to enable/disable password requirements.

How can I forward a saved voicemail to another person?

While playing a message that you want to forward, press 6 to forward the message to another subscriber on the Koodo network.

How do I reset my voicemail password for my landline?

Please schedule a callback through Koodo Assist, and a rep will help you get this password reset.

Pressing and holding 1 to access Voicemail doesn’t work for me. What should I do?

Please schedule a callback through Koodo Assist, and a rep will help you get a voicemail access number pushed to your phone. This applies only to wireless phones and not to remote access landlines.

I’m deaf and want to know if I can convert voice messages into text messages.

iPhones have a native voice-to-text feature that requires the visual voicemail option to be enabled. Telus also has a voice-to-text feature that will convert all messages to text.

What should I do if I get locked out of my voicemail inbox?

You can either wait 30 minutes for it to be unlocked, or schedule a callback through Koodo Assist to get a rep’s help with this.

If you experience any problems, please visit Koodo Assist to troubleshoot your issue. If our digital rep is unable to resolve it, you can schedule a callback from a live rep.

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