Unlocking your phone

If you’re travelling internationally and want to have access to a local number during your stay, you can unlock your phone before your trip and buy a local SIM card at your destination.

Here’s how to unlock your phone in Self Serve.

  1. Log in to your Self Serve account.
  2. Select Self Serve at the top of the screen, then choose Mobile services from the drop-down menu.
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Unlock your phone.
  4. Enter your IMEI and tell us why you want to unlock your phone.
  5. Review your changes and select Submit.

It's good to know...

  • Successful unlock code retrieval for non-iOS phones: We’ll show you the unlock code and send a confirmation email with the code in it.
  • Successful iOS phone requests: We’ll submit the unlock request on your behalf and Apple will unlock your phone. You’ll need to insert another carrier’s SIM card or connect to iTunes to complete the unlock process. We’ll send you a confirmation email.
  • Already unlocked: Your phone is unlocked and ready to go.
  • In progress (iOS only): Please wait 5 to 10 minutes for Apple to process your unlock request.
  • If we can’t unlock your phone online, you’ll need to contact us.

Heads up! You can’t unlock a phone that’s:

  • Suspended as lost or stolen
  • Blacklisted
  • From a carrier other than Koodo or Telus

Just so you know

  • You can get your phone unlocked right away if you’re buying a phone outright from us
  • We don't unlock phones from other carriers, so make sure your phone is unlocked before bringing it to Koodo
  • If you want to use your Koodo number in the U.S. or internationally and don't need a local number while travelling, sign up for Easy Roam or use your phone abroad at pay-per-use rates.
  • If you cancel your account before your Tab balance has been paid off, you’ll be charged the remaining Tab balance and the phone credit balance on your next bill

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