Transfer of Ownership (TOWN)

Moving out of the country? Does a friend or family member want to take ownership of your phone line? Is your child now old enough to take ownership of his or her phone line?

Learn how to easily transfer the ownership of one or all of your phone lines to someone else.

What is a TOWN?

Transferring (a) phone number(s) to someone else is called a Transfer of Ownership, which changes the owner of the outgoing line. The monthly bill is also transferred and becomes the responsibility of the new owner.

Heads up! The transfer will go much smoother if a Koodo rep can speak to both the outgoing and incoming client on the same call in order to complete the transfer. If this is not possible for you to arrange, please provide our rep with the other party’s phone number.

If we’re unable to contact the incoming client, they’ll have 10 days from when you initiate the transfer to call in and have it completed by one of our reps. Please keep in mind that if we don’t hear from the incoming client, you’ll remain responsible for the line, including payments. (Once initiated, the rep won’t need your PIN in order to complete the TOWN).


Outgoing Client

  1. Before you can initiate a TOWN, the line for which you’re looking to transfer the ownership must have been active for 90 days.

  2. Your line must remain active up to the completion of the TOWN.

  3. In order to initiate a TOWN your account must be in good standing. (Any outstanding balance must be paid).

Incoming Client

  1. If you’re a current or former Koodo client, your account must be in good standing. (Any outstanding balance must be paid. Tab excluded.)

  2. If you don’t already have a postpaid account with us, you’ll need to complete a credit check. (We’ll need 2 of the following pieces of identification in order to complete the transfer: a valid driver’s license, a Social Insurance number, a credit card number).

*The incoming client must be of legal age in his or her province of residence.

Still have a Tab on your line?

Wondering if you’ll have to charge your Tab to your next bill before completing a TOWN? That’s up to you and the person you'll be transferring your line to!

You and the incoming client can decide to:

  1. Charge your Tab to your next bill before transferring ownership of a line and its Tab


  1. If the incoming client wants to continue making payments towards the Tab and meets the credit criteria required to carry the Tab size, you’ll be able to transfer the line and the associated Tab to the incoming client client

Good to know:

  • The incoming client can choose to either keep their existing phone number and plan or have them changed. Some exceptions might apply.
  • The transferred line’s voicemail will be reset, so please make sure to save any important information.
  • Once the transfer has been approved, a one-time $50 (per subscriber) transfer of ownership fee will be billed to the newly-created account.

Keep in mind, the outgoing client will be responsible for all usage and charges, including paying the bill, up until the transfer of responsibility is accepted and completed under the new subscriber's account.

To initiate a TOWN...

A TOWN can only be done with the help of a rep. To schedule a callback, please go to Koodo Assist and enter "Transfer of ownership."


Can I transfer my plan and keep my phone number?

When you complete a Transfer of Ownership, the entirety of your line - including your phone number, your Tab, and your plan - will be transferred to the incoming customer's account. The line being "TOWNed" will be removed from your account entirely, as long as your bill is up to date, and will pop into the account owned by the person to whom you've transferred your number. Don't worry if the incoming customer doesn't have a Koodo account already - we'll set them up with one.

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