Topping up your prepaid account

How To Top Up Your Account

You can top up your account by logging in to your Prepaid Self Serve account or by dialing *611 on your Koodo phone. Choose from three top-up options:

1. Credit or Visa Debit: Register a credit or Visa Debit card on Prepaid Self Serve. You can also register for automatic 30-day top-ups. It’s a hassle-free way of making sure you have service each month.
2. Top-Up Voucher: Koodo Prepaid top-up vouchers are available in stores across Canada.
3. Instant Top-Up: Tell the cashier how much you want to top-up ($10 - $100) and your phone number to have it instantly added to your account. Available at select locations across Canada.

Where To Buy Top-Ups

Koodo prepaid top-up vouchers and Instant Top-Ups are available in stores across Canada. Check your nearest Koodo Shop, Esso, Canadian Tire Petroleum, Gateway Newstand, Pioneer Petroleum, and Super Sagamie locations. Go here for a full list.

Do Top-Ups Expire?

We try to keep things simple. Tracking too many dates is a major hassle. That's why Koodo top-ups don't expire.

Just So You Know

If you don't have a base plan for 90 days, your account will be deactivated and you’ll lose your phone number and any funds remaining on your account balance, including your boosters.

Why Top Up Your Account?

When you top-up your account, service credits from that top-up are transferred to your account balance. Those service credits are used to purchase your selected base plan and boosters. They also apply to customer support charges for transactions performed through our call centre. By regularly topping up your account, you'll ensure you have enough service credits to renew your base plan and have uninterrupted service.

Remember, you can always check the amount of service credits on your account at anytime by logging into Prepaid Self Serve or dialling *611 on your phone (it's a free call!).

Automatic 30-Day Top-Ups

With automatic 30-day top-ups, you can leave it to us to automatically top up your account using your registered credit or Visa Debit card just in time for your base plan renewal.

To get started, log in to your Prepaid Self Serve account and register your credit or Visa Debit card. Once that's done, you can register for automatic top-ups right away while you're in your account, or by dialing *611 from your phone.

You can register for automatic 30-day top-ups when you activate your Koodo Prepaid service online. Or, if you’ve already activated your service, simply register your credit or Visa Debit card in your Prepaid Self Serve account. Once that's done, register for automatic top-ups right away while you're in Self Serve, or dial *611 from your Koodo phone.

How 30-Day Automatic Top-Ups Work

With automatic top-ups, we’ll renew your account every month by charging you the base plan amount. Any credits you have on your account will be adjusted before your credit or Visa Debit card gets billed. If you decide to change your base plan, we’ll automatically adjust the top-up amount that’s needed.

Just So You Know

Only a credit or Visa Debit card with a Canadian/U.S. address can be registered to your account. International credit/Visa Debit cards are not accepted.

As of January 9, 2020, the 10% monthly automatic top-up bonus credit will no longer be offered to new customers signing up for auto top-ups. If you're currently registered to get the bonus credit, don't worry - it will stay on your account. If you turn off automatic top-ups and decide to turn it back on again, the bonus credit will no longer work.

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