The STIR/SHAKEN feature for mobile phones

STIR/SHAKEN is a set of network tools used to verify the true calling number.

On STIR/SHAKEN-capable handsets, eligible calls may show as “verified.” All calls that don’t show as “verified” will show as normal calls.

Please note that as of November 30, 2021, at the time of launch, the majority of calls won’t be eligible to be verified and will continue to show as normal calls.

Heads up! STIR/SHAKEN doesn’t block calls.

If you’re a Koodo customer on a monthly plan and are looking for a feature that will block nuisance calls, consider adding the Call Control feature to your line. Call Control is a free feature that can effectively block nuisance calls by automatically screening out robo-callers.

Good to know: The calls screened by Call Control won’t show as “verified” by STIR/SHAKEN. This could change in the future as we implement more network integration and upgrades.

Which calls are eligible for STIR/SHAKEN verification?

Only fully Internet Protocol to Internet Protocol (IP to IP) Canadian calls can be validated on STIR/SHAKEN-capable handsets. Currently, most calls aren’t fully IP to IP, so they’ll continue to be displayed as normal calls.

Does my phone support the STIR/SHAKEN feature?

At the time of launch on November 30, 2021, most phones aren’t capable of supporting STIR/SHAKEN, so they won’t display “verified” for incoming calls. These phones will continue to display calls as they normally do today. Once your phone is capable of supporting STIR/SHAKEN, validated calls will automatically be displayed on your handset as “verified.” No action will be required of you.

Does STIR/SHAKEN block calls?

No, STIR/SHAKEN will only show validated calls as “verified” or display calls as normal.

Good to know

“Verified” only guarantees that the calling number displayed is showing the true number and is not spoofed. The actual call may still be an unsolicited or nuisance call.

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