The Tab and your monthly bill

Information about your Tab is shown on your monthly bill. You can easily view current and past bills by logging into Self Serve.

Each month, you’ll see:

  • Your Tab charge (the amount you’ve contributed toward your Tab balance this month)

You might also see:

  • Your Tab adjustment (this appears if there was an adjustment applied to your Tab or if you upgraded your phone and put more on your Tab. It also appears if you cancel your account and need to pay back your Tab)
  • Your Tab repayment (the amount you’ve paid off to clear your Tab balance if you’re upgrading to a new Koodo phone)

How many months until I pay off my Tab?

You can click on Tab Balance within Self Serve at any time to see how much is left on your Tab.

Simply divide your Tab balance (let’s say it’s $315) by your monthly contribution ($15) to figure out the number of months left to pay off your Tab. In this example, it would take 21 months ($315 / $15 = 21).

Learn more about The Tab.

If you cancel your account before your Tab balance has been paid off, you’ll be charged the remaining Tab balance and the phone credit balance on your next bill.

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