Spending limit program

The Spending Limit Program helps you manage your phone charges by setting a spending threshold on your account. Find out your spending limit by logging in to your Self Serve account.

Making payments to avoid service disruption

To make sure your service isn’t turned off, you'll need to stay below your spending limit and pay your bill right away. You can pay your bill at with your credit card or Visa Debit card. Payments are immediately reflected onto your account.

Reaching your spending limit

To help you stay within your limit, we’ll send you a text to let you know when you have less than $75 left on your spending limit. To avoid service disruption and a possible reconnection fee of $50, you’ll need to make a payment.

You’ll also be notified when you’ve reached 100% of your limit. When this happens, your services are shut off and you'll need to pay in full to restore your service. It could take up to 24 hours for your service to be restored.

Managing your spending limit from your phone

Use Self Serve on your mobile phone to monitor your usage - save the mobile site to your phone’s home screen so that you can also:

  • Check your account and Tab balance
  • View the amount left on your Spending Limit
  • Pay your bill
  • View and change your monthly plan and add-ons

Removing the spending limit from your account

Your account will be reviewed after 6 months. If you have a good payment history, then we'll remove the spending limit from your account. You'll get a text from us when this happens.

Just so you know: Good payment means you haven’t missed a payment, and your account hasn’t been disconnected or cancelled for non-payment.

Pre-authorized payments

You can sign up for the hassle-free convenience of pre-authorized payments when you’re on the Spending Limit Program, so your payments are received on time, all the time.

Please note that if you’re on pre-authorized payments, you’ll still need to make payments to your account when you receive text notifications that state you’re approaching your limit, or have already reached it.

Account balance

Your spending limit consists of both your billed and unbilled charges. Head over to Self Serve to find the charges billed on your last bill and any pending unbilled charges that count towards your spending limit.

If you notice that you're always exceeding your spending limit, you might want to change your plan and/or add-ons.

The Tab on the Spending Limit Program

Just so you know, your Tab charge is part of your monthly spending limit.

“Billed” charges

This is the amount that has already been processed and appears on your most recent Koodo monthly bill.

“Unbilled” charges

“Unbilled” charges haven't yet been processed to appear on your monthly bill. It's the amount that's incurred between billing cycles, and will show up on your bill when the billing cycle is completed.

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