A SIM PIN protects your SIM card from unauthorized and unintentional communication or internet browsing. Plus, whenever you restart your phone or remove the SIM card, your SIM card will automatically lock, showing "Locked SIM" in the status bar. To unlock it and restore your access, you’ll need the SIM PIN.

What You Should Know about a SIM PIN

  1. It’s optional; you don’t have to have one if you don’t want one.
  2. Your default SIM PIN is 1234.
  3. You’ll need the SIM PIN whenever you:
  • Reboot or turn off your phone
  • Change your SIM PIN
  • Want to restrict call capabilities

How to Set Your SIM PIN

Setting your SIM PIN is easy! Simply follow the steps below:

Setting a SIM PIN on Android:

Steps will differ between Android devices

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap the More tab
  3. Tap Security
  4. Tap Set Up SIM Card Lock
  5. Tap LOCK SIM Card
  6. Enter 1234 (default Koodo SIM PIN)
  7. Tap OK

Setting a SIM PIN on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Cellular
  3. Tap on SIM PIN
  4. Enter 1234 (default Koodo SIM PIN)

The SIM PIN option for all smartphones is typically in the phone menu under Settings.

If a SIM PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times, your SIM will be locked, and you will require a Personal Unlocking Key Code (PUK code) to reset the SIM PIN. In the event that you do require your PUK code, please Contact Us.

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