Rate plan proration explained

When you change your rate plan during your bill cycle, the amount of data and minutes you get access to during your first month of your new rate plan will be prorated. This means that you won’t have the full amount of your data until the first day of your next bill cycle (the first full bill cycle with your new rate plan). For example, if you switch from a 6GB rate plan to a 10GB rate plan with 12 days left in your bill cycle, you will have access to 4GB of data for these 12 days (10GB/30 days x 12 remaining days). You will have access to the full data amount once you start your first full bill cycle.


Here are some of the most common questions people ask us about rate plan proration:

I switched my rate plan, but I had data remaining from my last plan. Will it be carried over?

No. When you switch to a new plan, you’ll get to enjoy the features on your new plan and everything from your old plan will no longer be valid

When will I get the full amount of data stated in my rate plan?

You’ll be able to fully use your data the following month/on your first full bill cycle. Your data only gets prorated for a certain amount of time in the remainder of your bill cycle when you first switch over to a new plan.

Why is data prorated before my first full bill cycle?

When you switch over to a new rate plan during your bill cycle, you do not pay the full price for the plan; instead, the amount is prorated to reflect how much of the billing period is remaining. Prorating equally applies to the services provided; meaning that the amount of data available will also reflect how much of the current billing period is remaining.

What is a full bill cycle?

A full bill cycle is the time period from the date of one bill to the date of the next bill. So, if your bill cycle commences on January 5, then your cycle would cover the period from January 5 to February 4, and this period would be full cycle. When you change your rate plan part way through your current bill cycle, your first bill will be only for a portion of your full bill cycle.

To see your bill cycle, first log in to Self Serve. Next, click the Self Serve drop-down menu, then select Billing.

When does my new rate plan begin and my old one end?

Your new rate plan will begin the moment we send you a confirmation. As soon as you get this, it also means that your old plan is no longer in service.

Will the data in my old plan be prorated?

No, proration will affect the “new” allotment only. The allotment granted from the previous plan will remain the same.

Will the minutes in my old plan be prorated?

When you move off a plan that includes a limited amount of minutes each month, those minutes will be prorated. This means you won't have the full number of minutes available for calls between your last bill date and the date your plan changed.

For example: If your bill date is the 30th and you move off a plan with 300 minutes on April 15, only 150 minutes (300/30 x 15 days) were available to use between April 1 and April 15.

When is the best time for me to change my plan to avoid proration?

The best time to change your plan to avoid proration is on the day your cycle ends. If changes are made beyond this date, proration will apply and your new rate will only appear on the following invoice.

Does the date that I change my plan become the new billing date, or will it still be the original date?

No, your bill cycle will remain the same.

Is there a limit to how often I can change my plan?

Yes, there’s a limit of one rate plan change per bill cycle.

If I change my plan from $60 to a smaller plan (e.g. $50), what difference would it make in my monthly charges?

As an example, if your bill date is the 30th, and you change your plan from $60 to $50 on April 15, you would receive a credit of $5 on your next invoice (($60 - $50)/30 days in the month x 15 days remaining).

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