Prepaid boosters

What is a Booster?

Whenever you need long distance minutes, data, or anytime minutes, you can buy a Talk or Data Booster add-on by logging in to Prepaid Self Serve.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Prepaid Self Serve account
  2. Select the Base Plan & Booster Add-ons tab
  3. Beside "Base Plan Minutes, Data & Booster Add-on(s)," select Add Booster Add-ons
  4. From the "Available Booster Add-on(s)" dropdown menu, select the add-ons you want, then select Add to My Order>>
  5. When you're ready to submit your order, select Purchase Booster Add-on(s).

Booster add-ons don’t expire. Any unused minutes or data will be carried over when you renew your base plan.*

Good to know

  • You'll need to top-up your account balance if you don't have enough service credits to purchase your selected Boosters.
  • You can always add another Booster when you're running low on your current one to make sure you’ll have uninterrupted service.
  • Booster prices can be found in the ‘Base Plan & Booster Add-ons’ section

Tracking your Booster usage

You can always see how many minutes or megabytes you have remaining in your Booster by logging into Prepaid Self Serve. Plus, when you're running low, we'll let you know by sending you a text message.

Expiring Boosters and overage charges

Never be without your Boosters! You’ll know you’re getting low on your Boosters because we’ll text you when your Talk Booster has both 10 minutes and 0 minutes left. For the Data Booster, you’ll get a text message when you’ve used up 75% and then again at 95% usage. If you think you’ll need another Booster, go ahead and add it. As long as you have an active Base Plan on your account, your Boosters never expire, so you can use them as needed.

If your Booster runs out, you’ll have to grab another one in order to use it. You’ll never have overage charges because once your Booster runs out, that’s it. No surprises.

Remaining minutes or data on your Booster

Make sure you have an active base plan on your account. You'll need a non-expired base plan to be able to access your prepaid services, including your Boosters.

Using Boosters with base plans that include data

You have 30 days to use up your base plan data. Unlike our Booster add-ons, any remaining data will not be carried forward when your base plan renews every 30 days.

How does in-plan data work with a Canada-wide data Booster add-on?

If you have both base plan data and a data Booster add-on, your base plan data will be depleted fully before Booster add-on data.


1 - Why do I lose talk minutes even when I don't initiate a call?

Talk minutes apply whenever you’re on a call, not if you initiate the call. The only time initiating a call matters is when you’re dealing with a long-distance call. If someone from outside the province calls you, you won’t be charged a long-distance fee, but if you call someone outside of the province, a long-distance fee would be applied to your bill.

2 - What is a "Base Plan" if this is Prepaid?

  • Base plan: A base plan is what keeps your account active. The base plan you choose will automatically renew every 30 days.

  • Booster: A booster is an add-on that complements your base plan and does not expire.

    Example: If you need long distance minutes, anytime minutes, or data, you can add a Talk Booster or a Data Booster. Let’s say you don't have Canada-wide calling included in your plan and you need to call another province within Canada -- you can do so with a Canada-wide Talk Booster add-on.

3 - Does the long-distance U.S. talk booster ($30 for 300 minutes) include incoming calls?

If you’re in the U.S., it includes the incoming calls. If you’re in Canada, any RECEIVING calls are your regular minutes.

4 - How can I add a Visa/debit card or add funds to my account?

You’ll need to register for Prepaid Self Serve. A Debit card/chequing account might not be able to add funds, in which case you’ll need to purchase vouchers to add funds. Once you’re in your Prepaid Self Serve account, there will be an option to add funds.

5 - How can I remove my booster?

A booster can’t be removed. It’ll be rolled over until it's completely used up.

*Talk or Data Booster add-ons don’t expire if your account is active. Talk or Data Booster add-ons are available for use only when there's a non-expired base plan on the account. Booster add-ons will be removed from the account upon account deactivation. Anytime minutes are charged by the minute and the airtime required to connect your calls is drawn from the included minutes. All data usage will be rounded up to the nearest 10 KB. Data Booster add-ons aren’t available with BlackBerry smartphones that are not on the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

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