Prepaid 101 - Things to know about redeeming your promos

From time to time, we offer special promos for select customers to redeem discounts, credits, bonus add-ons (and so much more!) on their Koodo Prepaid service. These promos are redeemed using Promo Codes or they may also be Auto-load Promos (which are automatically applied offers on your base plan). Below are a few things you need to know when redeeming a promo and where you can find step-by-step instructions to apply it.

Just so you know:

  • There can only be one promo associated with an account at a given time.
  • Changing your Base Plan: If you have an existing promo on your account that extends over multiple months (e.g. $5 off for 3 months) and you change your plan before it ends, you may lose all associated discounts or bonus features.
  • Suspended Accounts: If your account is suspended, and you change your plan during reactivation, you will be eligible for in-market promos. If you don’t change your plan, then you’ll be able to continue with the remainder of any promos left on your account.

Redeeming and seeing your promos

Here are some tips to redeeming your promo either through activating or on Self Serve:

Once you’ve redeemed a promo, you can view the details and track your usage in Self Serve:

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