Port Fraud Protection

Port Protection, or Transfer Block, is a feature that helps prevent your number and account from being transferred or “ported out” accidentally or by an unauthorized user to another carrier.

Port Fraud Protection is available in only the following scenarios:

  • You’ve proactively asked for port protection
  • You’re a victim of an unauthorized fraudulent port
  • You’re a victim of an external breach and/or have had your identity stolen

If you’re an account holder, only you can request blocks for multiple lines on your account. If you’re a subscriber who can verify the account, you can request a block for your own line.

Just so you know

  • Port Fraud Protection is a free service.
  • Port Fraud Protection is added to your account within 24-72 hours.
  • When Port Fraud Protection is added, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS.
  • If you're looking to port to TELUS, you’ll need to contact us to remove the block. Otherwise, you don't need to call us for any transfers.

Note: Port Protection is available only for Koodo Postpaid customers.

Activating Port Protection

Port Protection can only be added by a rep after they've authenticated you as the account owner or authorized subscriber. To get started, book a callback using Koodo Assist and type in "port protection."

  • For more info about identity theft and fraud, click here.
  • If you believe you’re a victim of fraud, please use Koodo Assist to request a callback from a rep.

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