Online payment methods

When shopping or paying your bill online with Koodo, it’s easy to pay confidently and securely. There are just a few things we want to let you know about the online payment methods we can accept:

1 - There are several ways you can pay your monthly bill online:

  • If you pay with a Canadian credit card, Visa Debit, or selected Visa/Mastercard gift cards, payment will immediately show on your account if you’re paying through Self Serve.

Note: To protect your privacy, this is an online-only transaction that must be done using Self Serve.

  • You can sign up for the hassle free convenience of pre-authorized payments using your credit or deposit account.
  • Through online or telephone banking services at your financial institution. (You’ll need to allow 3-5 business days for payment to get to your Koodo account).

2 - International credit cards may be accepted, however, this is not guaranteed. If you wish to use an international credit card, you will need to Contact Us to register it. We will then get back to you to let you know whether we can accept it or not.

3 - We do not accept IOU’s, gold bars, timeshares, e-transfers, or poetry as payment (unless it’s astonishingly good poetry, then we’ll think about it).

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