Transferring your number to Koodo

To see if your existing phone number is eligible to move to Koodo, check here.

To get started with transferring your number to Koodo, please select the "How to transfer..." dropdown menu that applies to you, then follow the steps:

How to transfer your number if you're a Koodo Postpaid customer

You’re a Postpaid customer if you get a monthly invoice for the Koodo service you use and for any overage charges incurred.

Once you’ve received your new phone or SIM card order, check out this quick video below for important tips and instructions, or read on:

Before you start

  1. Don’t cancel your number with your previous provider just yet and keep the SIM card that’s already there. The number with your previous provider automatically cancels when the transfer has completed, which can take up to 2.5 hours.

  2. Make sure you’ve registered for Koodo Self Serve. If you haven’t, register now.

  3. Have your previous provider’s service details at your fingertips:

  • We’ll need this info exactly as it appears on the bill: the Account Number located on your bill with the previous service provider


  • The IMEI number of the previous provider’s phone - just dial * #06# on the device to reveal this number.

Once you’ve received your order and have all of the above, login at and select ‘Transfer your number from another provider’ and follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Enter the number you’re transferring over

Step 2: Enter the required info in ‘Service details’: full name, account number OR the IMEI number

Step 3: Review your stuff and hit submit

Step 4: Your previous provider will send you an SMS for you to approve the transfer. Check ‘I understand’ to start the transfer. Then reply YES to the SMS on the phone that has your previous provider’s SIM, asking you to confirm the transfer.

Step 5: Once you’ve replied YES, the transfer is now in progress and can take up to 2.5 hours to finish. You’re almost done!

After you replied YES to the SMS

  • If you’re bringing your own phone: you can now remove the previous provider’s SIM card and insert the new Koodo SIM card. Once the transfer is done, verify the data settings here to ensure your data is working

  • If you ordered a Koodo phone, just insert the Koodo SIM card

You’ll know the transfer is done when you receive a welcome SMS from Koodo, asking you to restart the phone so that everything is in perfect working order.

Should you run into problems along the way, we’re here to help: visit and type #PortHelp to troubleshoot your issue. If we're unable to resolve it, we’ll set you up with a callback from a live rep.

How to transfer your number if you're a Koodo Prepaid customer

You’re a Koodo Prepaid customer if you pay before using your service and do not have a contract.

To request a phone number transfer during a new Koodo Prepaid activation, follow the steps below.

Before you begin:

  • Have your phone in hand and make sure your previous SIM card is still inserted.
  • Keep your number active with your previous service provider until the transfer is complete.

Step 1: Complete the first step ("Getting Started") of the activation flow (in Self Serve).

Step 2: Follow specific instructions from where you’re transferring from

Transferring from TELUS Prepaid

  1. On the Choose phone number step, select a new phone number.
  2. Complete your activation and place your new Koodo Prepaid SIM into your mobile phone.

Transferring from Public Mobile

To initiate a number transfer, you’ll need to request a callback from a rep. To schedule this call, please go to Koodo Assist and type #PortHelp.

Transferring from other Prepaid Carriers

  1. On the Choose phone number step, select Transfer an existing number from another provider.

  2. Submit all required details, including the number you want to transfer.

  3. Before removing your previous SIM card from your phone, you must respond to the port confirmation SMS from your previous service provider within 90 mins.


1. How will I know if the port went through successfully? Will I be notified once the port has been completed?

With your old SIM card still in your phone, you’ll receive an authorization SMS, asking you to authorize the transfer. Reply YES to confirm the number transfer to Koodo. Once you’ve replied YES, insert your Koodo SIM card. When the transfer has been completed, you'll receive the following SMS from Koodo:

“Koodo Message: Welcome to Koodo. Your transfer request has been completed successfully. Please restart your phone now for the transfer to take effect. Thanks for being a Koodo customer. Free Koodo msg."

2. How do I transfer my number from one Koodo account to another Koodo account?

Sorry, we’re unable to transfer a Koodo number from one line to another pre-existing Koodo line, but don't fret! We have a solution - you can initiate a TOWN and transfer the line and number to another account.

3. Is there a fee to port a number?

Great news! Porting a number to Koodo can be done through Self Serve - free of charge!

4. Can I transfer a cell phone number from another company to a new Koodo cell phone without having the old cell phone or SIM card in my possession (it’s lost, stolen, etc.)?

Yes, it’s possible, but in order to complete your number transfer to Koodo, it would require you to contact your original service provider within 90 minutes of initiating the number transfer with us.

5. Is it possible to transfer my residential line to a cell phone?

Yes, it is possible and we’re more than happy to help! It’ll require you to schedule a callback using Koodo Assist.

6. How do I transfer my home phone number with a different service provider to Koodo?

The steps to transfer your home phone number are similar to those outlined under “Koodo Postpaid” above:

  1. From the Self Serve drop-down menu, select Mobile services.
  2. Next to Manage your phone number, select Manage.
  3. Select Transfer your phone number, then enter the home number you want to bring to Koodo.

After Step 3, you’ll be prompted to request a callback from a rep in order to complete the number transfer. To schedule this call, please go to Koodo Assist and type #PortHelp.

If you have a Koodo wireless home service, it's possible to transfer it to a Koodo mobile line. To get started, book a callback via Koodo Assist.

7. When I move to a different province, can I keep my Koodo account and phone number?

Yes, you can keep your account and phone number when moving to another province. Please keep in mind that you won’t have a local number anymore.

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