Moving your number to Koodo

Moving your number shouldn't have you working up a sweat. That's why we do all the heavy lifting for you. Just bring your active phone to us and we'll tell your current provider that you're dropping them like a bad habit.

Typically, you can move your number if:

  1. It's an active mobile or landline number
  2. We have service in that area
  3. It's from a service provider in the same local calling area
  4. Number portability is available in that area

Tips for moving your number:

  • Keep it live. Don't cancel your current service before switching to Koodo. Your phone number must be active in order to move it.
  • Have it at hand. Have your phone, an invoice from your current service provider, and if possible, your service agreement when you move your number. Just to be safe, you should double-check your existing service agreement to find out what charges might apply.
  • Don't delegate. Only the authorized account holder can transfer a number.
  • Unlock it. If you're bringing your own phone to Koodo, make sure it's unlocked before activating your account with us.

To see if your existing phone number is eligible to move to Koodo, check your number now.

Want to move your current number in Self Serve?

If you're already with Koodo, you might be able to move your number using Self Serve. Here's how.

Just so you know

It can take up to two business days if you’re switching from landline to mobile, or mobile to landline. Your service might be disrupted during this transfer period, including interruptions to 911 services.

To learn how to move from prepaid service to postpaid service, click here.

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