Monitoring your data in Self Serve

Nobody likes a surprise bill. Learn how to check your usage below, and never go overboard on your data again.

  1. Log in to your Self Serve account.
  2. Select Self Serve at the top of the screen, and select Usage from the drop-down menu. A list of usage meters will show your airtime, data and messaging details.
  3. Select any of the coloured meters to view your usage details.

Green: Good stuff! You’re still within the data included in your plan for your current billing cycle.

Orange: Warning! You’ve used up the majority of your usage.

Grey/Expired: Oh no! You’ve reached your data limit.

Red: Oops! You’ve reached the limit of your Shock-Free data plan in your current billing cycle, which means you’ve received a notification and agreed to unblock your data. You’re now paying the overage rate for additional data.

Just so you know

  • You can set up both Canadian and international data usage alerts.


If one of the phones on my account reaches its data limit, can I, as the owner of the account, disallow that phone from adding more data?

Yes, the account owner can remove this authorization from other phones on the account, so that they can't send SMS messages for more data. The owner can also choose not to give the other phone users Self Serve access, and this way the owner will be the only one who is able to add data.

Where can I find the details of my past usage, like from a previous month or from years ago?

This information is shown in the Usage section of your Self Serve account and goes as far back as 3 months.

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