Making changes to your plan

It’s easy to make changes to your plan, but keep in mind that your first bill after a change may look a little different from previous bills.

You can avoid partial charges by making changes on your bill start date.

Don’t know your bill start date? Head to Self Serve to find out.

When you make changes to your plan before or after your bill start date, your bill will be slightly higher than usual because:

  • You’ll be charged for what you used before your billing date and for what you’ll use for the remainder of your billing period with your new plan
  • We’ll have adjusted both the monthly charge and your included minutes (or add-ons) to reflect your changes

In other words... Let’s say your billing period starts on Day 1. From Days 1 to 15, you’re on your old $30 monthly plan (which includes up to 100 anytime minutes). On Day 16, you upgrade to a new $35 monthly plan (which includes up to 150 anytime minutes).

On your bill:

  • You’ll see your usual $30 monthly charge and an adjustment to reflect the portion you’d used before you made the change to your account. Since you used your old plan for 15 days, the adjustment will be -$15 ($30 x 15/30 days).
  • Your included minutes will also be adjusted for this period (up to 100 anytime minutes x 15/30 days or up to 50 anytime minutes). If you've used more than the included minutes within the first 15 days, overage charges will apply.
  • You’ll also see your new $35 monthly charge plus the adjustment. Since you have 15 days left in the billing period, the adjustment will be $17.50 ($35 x 15/30 days).
  • Your charges will be a little less confusing on your next bill as you’ll only see your new $35 monthly charge.

Remember: you can change your monthly plan once per month and you’ll only see these kinds of partial charges if you change things up again.

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