Long distance calling

Canada-wide long distance

Koodo is giving Canadian long distance service charges the boot! Our Canada-wide plans let you call anywhere in Canada without paying long distance service charges. That means worry-free calling coast to coast. All long distance calls use anytime minutes¹.

If you do not have unlimited Canada-wide minutes (either within the plan or through an add-on), please visit our pay-per-use rates page to understand long distance calling charges.

International calling

Now it’s even easier to make international calls with Koodo. For as low as $0.80/min², you can call internationally any time and you no longer need an add-on³. Plus, you can call directly to international landlines and mobile phones for the same price.

Find the per-minute rate for your long distance calls

Want even better rates?

For just $5/month, the International Long Distance Saver add-on, which you can add to your account in Self Serve, lets you chat for as low as $0.05/min. All long distance calls use anytime minutes.

For select countries, you can enjoy worry-free long distance service from within Canada by adding an International Long Distance add-on to any of our plans. No need for calling cards! All long distance calls use anytime minutes. See the "International Long Distance Add-ons" section below.

The rates within the long-distance saver add-on are changing as of May 27, 2021. Choose a country from the "Calling to:" dropdown menu below to see the calling rate.

International Long Distance Saver


Get access to discounted international long distance rates for calls made from Canada.

International Long Distance Add-ons

Get long distance service from within Canada to select countries:

  • U.S. Unlimited Minutes: $15/month
  • China & Hong Kong Unlimited Minutes: $15/month (Macau is not included.)
  • India 1000 Minutes: $20/month

To learn more about the International Long Distance add-on and to add it to your monthly plan, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Self Serve

  2. From the Self Serve drop-down menu, select Mobile services

  3. Select Manage add-ons

  4. Under International Long Distance Saver, select Add to plan

  5. Review your add-ons and click Submit, then follow the prompts to check out.

Block outgoing international long distance calls

Don't want to make international long distance calls?

  1. Log in to Self Serve
  2. From the Self Serve drop-down menu, select Mobile services
  3. Select Manage add-ons
  4. Click the x to the left of the Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance add-on in the expandable box titled Your current add-on(s).

Heads up: This doesn’t block calls to the U.S. or the Caribbean.

What’s considered long distance and what’s not?

For outgoing calls

An outgoing call is a call sent from your Koodo phone. Your outgoing local calling area moves with your physical location. If you dial a phone number that's local to your physical location, it’s considered a local call. If you dial a phone number that’s long distance to your physical location, then it’s a long distance call. Your own number doesn't matter!

For incoming calls

An incoming call is a call received on your Koodo phone. Your incoming local calling area is the geographic boundary associated with your phone numbers. All calls received within that geographic boundary are local. All calls receive outside that geographic boundary are considered long distance.

Learn more about long distance rates on Koodo prepaid.


How do I dial a long-distance/international number?

There are 2 ways to make an international call:

  • Access code: 011-Country Code-Phone Number
  • Plus dialing (Long press 0 to dial +): +Country Code-Phone number

So, for example, a call to Hong Kong would be 011-852-Phone number or +852-Phone number

How can I block outgoing calls to the U.S?

There’s no option to block outgoing calls to the U.S, but if you dial a U.S. number in the 10-digit format, i.e. (3-digit area code) 123-4567, you'll hear an announcement that long-distance charges will be applied.

Will I get long-distance charges if I receive international calls through WhatsApp?

No, long-distance charges are not applicable to WhatsApp, because these calls are handled like data.

How can I check how many long-distance minutes I’ve used?

To view your long-distance airtime usage, you can log in to Self Serve.

  1. From the Self Serve dropdown menu, select Usage.
  2. Under Airtime, select View details.
  3. From the Show dropdown menu, select Long distance.

Which USA area codes are not included in the $15 plan?

The following area codes will no longer be included in the Unlimited U.S. Calling add-on and will be billed at the standard pay-per-use rate:

  • 712-432 (Lake Park, Iowa)
  • 605-562 (Oglala, South Dakota)
  • 605-475 (Redfield, South Dakota)
  • 712-775 (Carroll, Iowa)
  • 559-726 (Sanger, California)
  • 530-881 (Verdi, California)

U.S. calling is set at 80 cents per minute without a calling package. With the long-distance saver feature, this is dropped to 5 cents per minute. There are also other calling features and packages that include varying amounts of coverage to call the U.S.

Do I need to inform you if I move within my province? Will it affect my bill?

If you have a local calling only plan then yes; however, most of the plans we offer include nationwide calling, in which case moving within the province does not impact long-distance rates.

If I’m abroad and I receive a call from Canada but my voicemail answers, will I be charged?

No, you’re only billed for SMS, data, and voice minutes used. If you receive a call but let it go to voicemail, you won’t incur a charge.

At which times of the day can I make long-distance calls within Canada without incurring extra costs?

If your plan is a Canada-wide unlimited plan, you get unlimited calling anywhere in Canada 24/7.

Will I be charged for receiving an incoming international call?

No, it is the caller that is charged.

Is there a difference between "Unlimited minutes" and "Unlimited Canada-wide minutes?”

  • Unlimited minutes means unlimited local minutes.
  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes is true unlimited anywhere in Canada.

Which category does the call fall under, if you call from another country (for example, a European country) to Canada or to another European country?

Calls made from European countries to Canada or abroad are applied at the international rates.

If I buy the unlimited US long-distance plan and the person I’m calling is traveling abroad, will there be other fees for me?

Your call will be free, because we bill based on the US number you dialed. The person that you called may incur other charges when traveling abroad, which will not affect billing of your call.

I have a Canada-wide plan at no charge. Can I call a Canadian snowbird in the US at no charge?

Your call will be free, because we bill based on the Canadian number you dialed. Your Canadian snowbird friend may incur other charges when traveling to the US, which will not affect the billing of your call.

  1. The airtime required to connect your calls is drawn from your anytime minutes. If you exceed your anytime minutes, an overage rate of $0.60/min applies.
  2. Calls to satellite phones are charged per the satellite provider rates and are not based on the country the call terminates.
  3. Calls must originate from within Canada. Anytime minutes apply. The airtime required to connect your calls is drawn from your anytime minutes. If you exceed your anytime minutes, the overage rate will be $0.60/min plus the per-minute rate for the country you’re calling (Long Distance Saver rates if you have the add-on, Pay-per-use rates otherwise).

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