Koodo Trade-In Program

Whether you’re a new or existing Koodo customer, we make it easier and more affordable for you to get your hands on our latest phones. All you have to do is bring in your phone to a Koodo store to see what it’s worth. If it’s still got some value, we’ll give you an in-store credit that you can use towards a new phone or accessories.

The value of your phone

  • If your phone has any value, you can trade in your device at the time of new activation or upgrade.
  • If you want full trade-in value, your phone should power on and the LCD should be in good condition.
  • If your phone doesn’t have any value ($0), you can drop it off any time at a Koodo store.

Who's eligible for the Trade-In Program?

  • New and existing Koodo customers who want a new phone can participate in the Koodo Trade-In Program.
  • Koodo Prepaid customers aren’t eligible for this program.

Trading in more than one phone

You can trade in a maximum of one phone at a time from any carrier to receive a credit towards a new phone.

$0 appraisal value

Your phone’s value is appraised based on its age and condition. For example, a cracked or malfunctioning display screen, or the inability to power on your phone, can affect its value.

If you have a phone with $0 value, you can drop it off at any Koodo store and we’ll recycle it for you.

If your phone is in working condition or can be repaired, we'll make sure it goes to a place where it can be reused. If your phone is broken beyond repair, we'll recycle it.

Just so you know

  • Trade-in values aren't set by Koodo, but they're determined by a third party vendor. The phones are based on their value in the pre-owned or secondary marketplace also known as Fair Market Value.

Getting Koodo credit when you trade in

There’s no cash value for a trade-in phone. The in-store credit we give you must be used at the time of trade-in towards buying a new phone and accessories.

Tablets and other types of devices are eligible for a trade-in credit.

Credits are non-transferable, and need to be used during the same visit at the same Koodo store.

If you want to return or exchange the new phone you just activated while trading, you can use the original trade-in credit you received on the new phone you want. There will be no cash value for the trade-in credit if you decide to get refund.

If you have leftover credit from the trade-in, you can use it towards any Koodo accessories. If you don’t want to use use the leftover credit on accessories, then you’ll lose the remaining value of your credit.

Sorry to say, but you can’t use store credit to pay off your phone bill.

Good to know

  • We accept phones from all carriers, including international carriers.
  • No need to bring your charger,just bring your phone, back cover and battery.
  • All trades are final. We don’t accept returns. Make sure you’ve wiped your phone of all your personal data, reset it to factory settings, and remove any passwords. If you don't know how to do this, your phone manufacturer will have more information. Please check their website.

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