Koodo Phone Protection Plan

Everyone wants to keep their phone safe! The Koodo Protection Plan is a great way to make sure that your device is covered from mechanical, electrical and texting-in-the-tub failures! Here are some handy tips about our protection plan and where you can find all of the important info you need.

Where can I find more information on the Koodo Protection Plan?

You can find the most up to date details about our protection plan including; what is covered, an explanation of charges, and the full Ts & Cs here.

How can I make a service request with the Koodo Protection Plan?

You can make a service request here.

Is a protection plan different to a warranty?

All new Koodo phones come with a manufacturer's warranty, however, a warranty covers less than a protection plan. You can find out more about warranties here.

How can I activate the Koodo Protection Plan?

You can purchase a Koodo Protection Plan from any Koodo Store within 60 days of purchasing your phone. If you purchased your phone more than 60 days ago you will no longer be eligible for the Koodo Protection Plan.

How can I remove the Koodo Protection Plan?

You can end your protection plan at any time. If you choose to end your plan then your phone will no longer be covered.

  • If you want to end your plan WITHIN 15 days of purchasing the plan you will need to go in to store.
  • If you want to end your plan AFTER 15 days you can do this by logging into Self Serve or by contacting us.

What if I have an Embedded SIM (eSIM) phone?

You’ll be given a new Koodo eSIM voucher along with a replacement phone. Unfortunately Koodo won’t be able to take care of any information that gets lost through an eSIM wipe from a non-Koodo carrier service.

If your phone’s eSIM line is active with a carrier other than Koodo, you’ll need to take care of getting and activating a new eSIM card from that carrier. Good to know: a non-Koodo carrier may charge you for a replacement eSIM card.

Note: Wiping the eSIM download from the phone does not deactivate the phone plan.

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