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What do I need to do to start my trial?

  1. Insert the free trial Koodo SIM into your phone. Your trial will be activated as soon as your phone connects to the Koodo network or the moment you send your first SMS.
  2. Receive your trial phone number in a text by the next day.
  3. To change your preferred language (default English) on your account, set up a callback by visiting
  4. After your trial, keep the happiness rolling with your choice of prepaid and postpaid plans.

Pro Tip: Get a friend to help you out by giving them a call and having them check their phone for your number.

Want to change your Koodo Prepaid trial phone number?

Once you’ve activated your free trial, follow these steps:

  1. Register for your Prepaid Self Serve account here
  2. Under “Profile,” select Change Number then Select a new phone number.
  3. Select your local calling area in Canada, then select a phone number and submit
  4. You’re done!

Good to know

  • To end your trial, all you’ll need to do is stop topping up!
  • Trial SIM cards are only given out with certain partnerships, including Mobile Klink, Uniconnect, Simplii, and CIBC.

How do I continue my service after my trial ends?

You have two choices - you can continue with Koodo Prepaid service or switch to a monthly (Postpaid) Koodo service.

Heads up! A credit check is required for all new monthly-billed (Postpaid) activations. Only Canadian credit cards are accepted. For more details about credit check requirements, click here.

Continue with Koodo Prepaid service

You can top up your account by logging in to your Prepaid Self Serve account. If you don’t have an account, it takes only a few minutes to register. All you need is:

  • Your email address
  • Your Koodo Prepaid phone number

During the registration process, an SMS with a 4-digit code will be sent to your Koodo phone for validation. Enter this code to continue with the registration process.

Start your Registration for Prepaid Self Serve now.

Once you have a Self Serve account, you can choose from three top-up options:

1. Credit or Visa Debit: Register a credit or Visa Debit card on Prepaid Self Serve. You can also register for automatic 30-day top-ups. It’s a hassle-free way of making sure you have service each month.

2. Top-Up Voucher: Koodo Prepaid top-up vouchers are available in stores across Canada.

3. Instant Top-Up: Tell the cashier your phone number and your top-up amount ($10 - $100) to have it instantly added to your account. Available at select locations across Canada.

Note: In order to continue the service after your 30-day trial, your account needs to have enough money to pay for the next 30 days of service (enough to cover your plan).

Learn more about topping up your prepaid account here.

Need more help? Chat with our Koodo Prepaid Assistant.

Move from Prepaid to Postpaid (monthly) service

If you want to move from your trial service (which is setup as a prepaid account) to a monthly plan, it’s easy to make the move! Find out how here.

Moving your number to Koodo

You can move your phone number over to Koodo in two ways:

1. If you’re continuing with Koodo Prepaid service: Login to your Prepaid Self Serve to move your number over to Koodo.

2. If you’re moving to a Postpaid (monthly) service: You can move your number over to Koodo when creating your Postpaid (monthly) account.

Learn more about moving your number here.

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