Keeping track of your data usage

You can check your data usage in real time by logging in to your Self Serve account.

Here’s a list of your phone’s features that use data.

Feature Uses data
Voice calling No
Text messaging No
Picture messaging* No
Email Yes
Instant messaging (iMessage, WhatsApp) Yes
Internet and map browsing Yes
Social media updates (Facebook, Instagram, etc) Yes
Music and video streaming Yes
Video calls and some voice apps (i.e. Skype)** Yes
App downloads, add-ons and updates Yes
GPS (i.e. Google Maps app) Yes
Weather apps Yes

*Data must be enabled on your phone for picture messaging to function properly. That means you can only send a picture or video message if your data is turned on. Data used for picture messaging won’t be charged or deducted from your data add-on or plan. If your data is blocked or turned off, your picture or video messages will not be sent or received.

**Voice calls through third-party apps like Facebook, Skype, and Whatsapp use data.

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