Instant Voicemail

You can now get voicemail messages delivered right to your text message inbox as an audio file. It’s the new speedy way to get your messages. You can get Instant Voicemail on almost any device that is able to receive Picture, Audio and Video messages.

How to activate Instant Voicemail

It’s easy to activate Instant Voicemail, just log in to Self Serve, go to Mobile Services, and select Manage Add-Ons to add it to your Koodo account.

Using your new Instant Voicemail

When you activate Instant Voicemail, instead of receiving the traditional Voicemail notification you’ll get a text message with an audio file attached. The text will let you know who your voice message is from and you can tap the audio file to listen to it right away. After you’ve listened to your voice message you can forward it, download it or save it on the cloud. You’re still able to access your voicemail as you did before and clean up your mailbox.

Just so you know:

  • You need data to use Instant Voicemail.
  • If you’re outside Canada and want to use this feature you will need to make sure you have data roaming enabled, be aware that charges will apply.
  • You cannot download the voicemail audio file when you are using WiFi.

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