How to pay your bill

Paying your bill is a piece of cake with Self Serve.

Use online or telephone banking

Paying through your chequing account is simple and requires only a one-time set-up. It helps you save time (you’ll be able to pay your bill quickly without having to worry about whether or not you have your card in hand), and it’s a secured payment method through your bank.

Note: You’ll need your Koodo account number. Payments will reflect on your account in 3-5 business days.


Sign up for pre-authorized payments in Self Serve

This method is recommended. Pay bills automatically through your chequing account or credit card to avoid potential late payment charges.


Make a one-time payment through Self Serve

Click on View My Bill. Have your Visa Debit or Credit card ready to make a one-time payment, which will immediately be reflected on your account.

To learn more about paying a bill that's past due, click here.

To learn more about paying a bill through Self Serve, click here.

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