Glossary of common Koodo terminology

Here you'll find an alphabetical list of definitions for terms that are commonly used throughout the Koodo web experience.

Term Definition
Additional airtime charges These are charges that are not included in your current rate plan.

Examples of times when you’ll have additional airtime charges:

- When you use call forwarding
- When you make long distance calls
Adjustment issued You’ll see this charge if a credit was applied to your account
Airtime This is the time during which you’re connected to your mobile network while making or receiving phone (voice) calls
Airtime evenings & weekends Some airtime minutes availability depends on the time of day; evening airtime refers to minutes that can be used only at night, usually between the hours of 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. (times may vary, depending on your plan).
Anytime/Unlimited minutes Minutes refers to the amount of time available to you to make or receive phone calls. An unlimited amount of minutes means you can use them at any time of day or night.
Application purchases Third-party vendors use middle men, like Bango, to give customers a way to download pay-per-use applications and Web-based services (for example, Mobile Dating and Social Networking sites) and to pay for the chargeable content by applying it to their Koodo bill.
CAN LD PayPerUse Access This will appear on your bill when you’ve made pay-per-use long-distance calls within Canada.
Event1.000 This Application purchase charge will appear on your bill when you choose to charge your Koodo phone bill for purchases made with a third-party Application or service.

To learn more about third-party application purchases, check out our Community answers.
GPRS Data (General Packet Radio Service Data) This will appear on your bill when you use pay-per-use data internationally
Intl LD min Bonus V2 1000 International Long distance minutes feature for $0.
PPU (Pay-Per-Use) Pay-Per-Use charges are applied to your bill when you use a feature or service that's either not included, or more than what's included with your plan.
Roaming vs. Long Distance Roaming refers to using your cell phone or smartphone outside of Canada, so you’re roaming on another carrier's network.

Long distance is when you use your phone within Canada but call a number in a different country.
Tab Debit This charge is the remaining Tab balance that you pay when you cancel your account
Tab Bonus Debit If you transfer your Koodo number to another provider or you cancel your Koodo account, your Tab Bonus balance will appear on your bill, which means you’ll need to pay for your remaining Tab Bonus balance.
Tab Payoff This charge will appear on your bill if you choose to pay off your Tab balance or if you upgrade or change to an ineligible rate plan while you have a remaining Tab balance.
Tab Bonus Payoff This charge will appear on your bill if you upgrade or change to an ineligible rate plan while you have a remaining Tab Bonus balance.
Unpause data Once you use 100% of your Shock-Free Data (SFD), we’ll pause your data use. You can then choose to ‘unpause’ your data by choosing a top-up amount.

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