Extended Coverage

Extended coverage gives you wider phone coverage, beyond the coverage area of Koodo’s HSPA+/LTE network, and is provided through our wireless carrier partner.

Extended coverage is available to Koodo monthly postpaid customers with HSPA+/LTE phones. Your primary residence and billing address must be within Koodo’s HSPA+/LTE coverage areas to use it.

Using extended coverage won’t affect your usage or billing.

Extended coverage areas

  • The Sarnia Extended Local Calling Area includes Detroit, Ann Arbor, Monroe, Port Huron, Port Sanilac, Flint, and Pontiac.
  • The Windsor Extended Local Calling Area includes Windsor, Leamington, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Monroe, Flint and Port Huron.

Switching between Koodo’s HSPA+/LTE coverage areas and extended coverage areas

When you travel between Koodo’s coverage areas to extended coverage areas, your call or data session will disconnect. It’ll take a few seconds for your phone to reconnect on the extended network.

Once connected, you’ll see “EXT” instead of “Koodo” at the top of your phone’s screen. You’ll need to redial your call or restart your data session.

Once you’re outside of Koodo’s HSPA+/LTE coverage area, your phone will automatically connect to the extended network.

The difference between Koodo’s HSPA+/LTE coverage

Available data speeds in the extended coverage areas are lower than what’s currently available on Koodo’s HSPA+/LTE network. That means data applications like video streaming and file downloads will take longer to load. Some applications might even be unavailable in these areas.

The use of voice, text, and data is limited to a maximum of half of your total monthly usage for each service. If you go over the limit, access to the extended coverage may be turned off.

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