Everything you need to know about the Tab

What is the Tab?

The Tab makes it easy for you to get the phone you really want. Right now.

It’s basically the easy and affordable way to get a new phone with Koodo. Once your Tab balance reaches zero, your monthly bill actually goes down – you’ll only need to pay your monthly plan charge.

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Finding your Tab balance on your bill

You can see the remaining balance owing on your phone on your monthly bill, under the section Koodo Tab. You can also see it by logging into Self Serve under Koodo Tab.

Changing your Tab plan

Plan not suiting your needs? No worries. Check out our other rate plans to find something that works for you. Note that our rate plan options vary based on your Tab size.

For example, if you’re on Tab Medium and want to change to Tab Small, the first thing you need to do is pay off your outstanding Tab Medium balance in Self Serve. Then you can select a Tab Small plan.

Good to know

  • You'll need to wait for at least 90 days after purchase before you can pay off your Tab Balance.
  • To be eligible for the Tab, you’ll need to pass a credit check.
  • Your monthly Tab charge is rounded up to the nearest dollar. This doesn't increase your device balance. It simply allows you to pay off your Tab sooner than 24 months.

Getting a new plan if you activated or upgraded before April 19, 2015

Our Canada-wide plans are available with the new Tab only. As an existing customer, you can switch to a new plan when you upgrade your phone, or when you pay off your Tab balance.

If you’re currently receiving a 10% bring-your-own-device (BYOD) discount, you’re free to switch to our new plans anytime.

Just so you know, since the new plans are already discounted, you’ll no longer receive an additional 10% off your monthly bill when you make the switch.

Account suspension

If your account is suspended for non-payment, your Tab charge will still be applied on a monthly basis.

To remove the suspension on your account, log in to your Self Serve account to make the required payment. A reconnection fee of $40 will apply.

Account cancellation

If you cancel your account before your Tab balance has been paid off, you’ll be charged the remaining Tab balance and the phone credit balance on your next bill. Please note that if you pay off your tab early, you will be charged the remaining phone credit balance if you cancel or upgrade before 24 months.

Any recurring charges that were billed at the beginning of your billing cycle or any credit balance under $5 will not be refunded when your service is cancelled.

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