Easy Roam®

Note: To protect your privacy, this is an online-only transaction that must be done using Self Serve or Koodo Assist.

What is Easy Roam?

With Easy Roam® you can use your existing phone plan when you travel abroad. You're only charged for the days you use your monthly plan's minutes, data or texts. Check our Easy Roam page to see how much it costs to use your phone while you travel.

Learn more about Easy Roam.

How to add Easy Roam to your account

Only Authorized users are able to add Easy Roam to an account.

  1. Log in to your Self Serve account.
  2. From the Self Serve dropdown menu, select Mobile services
  3. On the Mobile services page, select "Travel with Easy Roam"
  4. On the Easy Roam page, select the "Add to plan" button
  5. You're good to go! You can now use your Koodo phone while travelling abroad.

Note: If you don't want to use Self Serve, you can always text ROAM to 7626 or get help from Koodo Assist to activate Easy Roam.

Adding Easy Roam to each individual account

Sweet! You've added Easy Roam. Anything else? Maybe! You'll need to add Easy Roam to all the other Koodo phone numbers that will be travelling as well. To add Easy Roam to an account you have to be an Authorized user.

If you've done that, awesome. You’ll get a text message once you’ve landed in your destination confirming that Easy Roam is now active.

Heads up! Only phones on a monthly plan can be used internationally. If you have a Koodo Prepaid phone, you can only use it in Canada and the U.S.

Don't want to use Easy Roam?

If you don't use Easy Roam while travelling, your talk, text and data usage will be charged separately from your regular monthly plan at our standard pay-per-use rates.

To access pay-per-use rates outside the U.S., you'll need to add the International Voice Roaming and International Data Roaming add-ons to your account if you want your phone to work abroad. If you're using Easy Roam while travelling abroad, you don't need to do this.

How to add international pay-per-use add-ons for non-Easy Roam customers

  1. Log in to your Self Serve account.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select Mobile services.
  3. Select manage beside the Add-ons section.
  4. Find International Voice Roaming ($0/month) and select Add to Plan so you can call and text while travelling outside of Canada and the U.S.
  5. Select Submit on the next screen. If this add-on is already on your account, you'll see it under Your current add-ons at the top of your screen.
  6. After you’ve added this, return to Add-ons and add International Data Roaming ($0). This feature won't be available until you complete Step 3. If you don’t want to use data, skip this step. If this add-on is already on your account, you'll see it under Your current add-ons at the top of your screen.
  7. You're good to go! You can use your Koodo phone while travelling abroad at pay-per-use rates.

International service provider coverage

International service providers may offer different services and their networks may have different frequencies.

In North America, Koodo phones are compatible with HSPA 850/1900 MHZ frequencies or newer. While traveling internationally, Koodo phones are compatible with HSPA 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ frequencies or newer. If the provider within the country doesn't offer the same frequency, your phone might not work on their network.

If the country you're travelling to doesn't have compatible frequency, you could try to rent a phone from a local provider. You can use your Koodo SIM card in the rental phone, access one of our partner companies and be charged with the above roaming rates. See our PDF list of eligible countries, frequencies and carriers.

Voicemail while Roaming

Calling to check your voicemail

If you have Easy Roam:

  • Easy Roam fee will activate from voice usage (if 24 hour period is not already active)
  • Minutes will not be used from your monthly plan

If you're using pay-per-use roaming:

  • The standard roaming pay-per-use rate will apply for each minute of usage

Heads up! Voicemail notifications may not be available in all travel services areas.

Tip: You can avoid the Easy Roam fee by using a landline to call your Voicemail. How?

  1. Dial 10-digit handset number (local). or 1 + 10-digit handset number (if long distance).
  2. Press * to interrupt the greeting.
  3. Enter password.
  4. Follow the voice prompts.

Note: Long distance charges will apply on the landline phone if dialing long distance to retrieve messages.

Using voicemail and applicable charges

If you are using your Koodo mobile device, in most cases you will be able to access your voicemail as usual. Voicemail is treated like any other call while roaming, and the following charges will apply:

  • Easy Roam: Will not use your monthly rate plan's minutes, but will activate the daily Easy Roam fee if you haven't done so already.
  • Pay-per-use: If you do not have Easy Roam, calls to voicemail will be subject to the roaming pay-per-use rate for the country you’re calling from.

If you’re not able to access your voicemail from your Koodo mobile device, or if you are calling from a landline:

  • Dial your own cell phone number from landline and then press * during greeting.


  • Dial the Voicemail: access numbers either from your cell phone or landline and follow the voice prompts.

Set up your voicemail before you leave

Ensure that you have set up your voicemail before leaving Canada, as you will not be able to do so while traveling. To set up your voicemail, try one of the following:

  • From your Koodo mobile device, call your 10-digit number and follow the prompts
  • From your Koodo mobile device, speed dial 1 and follow the prompts

Voicemail notifications may not always work

In some travel destinations, the voicemail notification on your device may not be available when someone leaves you a message in your voicemail.


1. How does the bill cap work?

The $12 per day U.S. fee will be capped at $240 per bill cycle, while the $15 per day international fee will be capped at $300 per bill cycle. If you reach this cap within your bill cycle, you can continue to use Easy Roam at no extra cost until your bill cycle resets.

Example: If your bill cycle ends on the 11th of every month and you’re away in the USA from July 4th until July 25th, and you use Easy Roam each day, the total charges would be as follows:

  • July 4th to 11th: $12 x 8 days = $96
  • New bill cycle resets July 12th
  • July 12th to 25th: $12 x 14 days = $168
  • Total charges for the trip: $96 in the first bill cycle + $168 in the second bill cycle = $264 (plus taxes)

2. When do pay-per-use roaming rates apply?

Pay-per-use applies if: you haven't opted into Easy Roam, and/or you travel to a destination that is not eligible for Easy Roam.

3. What happens if I have Easy Roam and I use my phone during a layover? Ex: I am travelling to Asia but have a layover in the U.S.

If you have Easy Roam and you use your phone during your layover, you'll be charged $12/day. If you arrive at your international destination on the same day and you use your phone, you'll also be charged $15/day.

4. My Koodo rate plan includes unlimited calling and 2 GB of data per billing cycle. I’m travelling to France next week for two days. What does paying the $15 per day for two days get me?

  • You'd be able to make calls to Canada and within France.
  • You could use your data exactly how you would at home in Canada, and would have 2 GB available minus whatever you’ve already used in your billing cycle so far. If you're on a Shock-Free® data plan, you'll receive data notifications at 50%, 90% and 100%, after which your data will be blocked. You can choose to top up your data at the domestic rate.

5. If I'm on a cruise and I have Easy Roam, can I use my Canadian rate plan?

  • No, cruises aren't covered by Easy Roam so you'd be charged the roaming pay-per-use rate.
  • Our satellite and cruise ship rates:
    • Voice rate: $7/minute
    • Outgoing text messages: $0.75/SMS
    • Data is not available on cruise ships - customers should discuss Wi-Fi access with their cruise ship provider

6. I didn't receive an Easy Roam confirmation message. What should I do?

So, you added Easy Roam before you left Canada. You arrived at your destination but didn't get an Easy Roam confirmation message. Here's what you can to do check if it's been added:

  • Text ROAM to 7626
  • Double-check if Easy Roam has been added to your Self Serve account

7. Can I cancel Easy Roam?

Yep! You can opt out by: 

  • Logging into Self Serve
  • Select "Mobile Services"
  • Select "Manage Add-ons"

8. Why your bill might be higher than expected when you return home

Oh no! You've returned home from your trip only to find that your bill was higher than usual. If you added Easy Roam after landing in your travel destination, you might have incurred pay-per-use charges up until that point. Check your usage online on your Self Serve account to see details about your charges.

9. How can I avoid roaming charges when travelling?

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll receive a Welcome SMS notification explaining your roaming options and the rates, if you choose to use your device. This doesn’t mean that you’re being charged for roaming.

If you want to avoid roaming charges altogether, simply turn OFF data and data roaming in your device settings, and don’t make calls, answer incoming calls, or send outgoing text messages.

10. How can I avoid roaming charges when close to the U.S. border?

If you’re close to the US border, sometimes the signals from a neighbouring U.S. network are stronger than the Koodo network and your device could connect automatically to a U.S. network as if you’re roaming. If this happens, you’ll likely receive a Welcome SMS notification that makes it seem like you’re in the U.S. and might be accidentally billed as roaming. Here are some tips to avoid accidental roaming when close to the border:

  1. Turn off data roaming Having data roaming turned off in your mobile device’s settings when close to the U.S. border will help avoid accidental data roaming charges.

  2. Manually select Koodo as your mobile network operator Your device is already set to automatically connect to the Koodo network while in Canada; however, to ensure seamless service while traveling, this setting will also pick up the applicable U.S. network whenever it’s stronger. If you’re consistently connecting to a U.S. network while still in Canada, you can manually select the Koodo network in your mobile device’s Settings to help avoid this.

NOTE: If you opt to manually select the Koodo network, remember that you’ll need to switch back to the automatic network selection setting if you decide to roam in the U.S. or internationally. This will ensure that your service will work.

11. How will I be charged for Easy Roam?

With Easy Roam, you only pay for the days that you choose to use your phone. Easy Roam will activate when you make a call, answer a call, send a text, or use data while travelling. Once activated, the Easy Roam daily rate will be valid each calendar day that you use the service until 11:59pm in the time zone where you are travelling. You won’t be charged on any days that you don’t do any of those actions.

Incoming texts don’t activate Easy Roam, so you can receive texts without being charged. Using data over Wi-Fi when data roaming is turned off will also not activate the Easy Roam fee.

12. Do I need to add Easy Roam for each trip?

No. Once you add Easy Roam, you can use it for all future trips.

13. What else is included with Easy Roam?

Use the TELUS Health MyCare app to access health support from the U.S. at no extra cost when using Easy Roam

TELUS Health MyCare Travel provides 24/7 access via phone to U.S. registered nurses while in the states. Get advice on non-urgent health concerns and find out if you should seek in-person care. Learn more here

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