E911 and T911

Enhanced 911, or E911, is a service that allows emergency operators to provide better assistance to people calling 911 from their mobile phones.

  • Enhanced 911, or E911 Phase 1, is a service that displays your mobile phone number to emergency operators as well as the location of the cellular site carrying your call.
  • E911 Phase 2 provides improved location information. E911 calls from mobile phones are subject to the same limitations as regular calls from mobile phones. For example, if you’re underground or too far from a network antenna, your signal quality may be affected and you may not be able to connect to the network.

All Koodo phones are able to support both phases of E911.

Koodo E911 service is currently accessible in most of Alberta, British Columbia, the Greater Winnipeg area of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, and the Greater Halifax area of Nova Scotia.

Paying the 911 government service fee

There’s a monthly provincial or municipal fee for 911 service collected by all carriers in select provinces. The amount of the fee is regulated in each province and the funds collected are used to support local 911 emergency operations centres. See the table below for the fee.

Province Monthly tax for e911 services
Québec $0.46
Alberta $0.44
Saskatchewan $0.94
New Brunswick $0.53
Nova Scotia $0.43
Prince Edward Island $0.70
Newfoundland $0.75

For Prepaid customers

E911 fees are built into your billing already if you live in a province that charges these fees.


Text with 911 (T911) is an emergency texting service for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired (DHHSI) customers. T911 service is not available everywhere. Government agencies are responsible for handling emergency calls, and not all of them can support T911 service. For more information on where T911 is available in Canada, visit Coverage areas are approximate.

  • The agency handling your T911 call may not be able to assist you in both official languages.
  • T911 service relies on text messaging sessions initiated by the government emergency response agency receiving your 911 call.
  • The availability of text messaging service is not guaranteed and is subject to the Koodo Service Terms.
  • You must have an active Koodo account to access T911 service on your Koodo phone. Your Koodo phone must support the T911 service. Each phone on your account must be individually enabled for T911 service, if the user is eligible. Please allow 5 days for registration to become effective.
  • Your T911 registration won't apply if you port your number to another service provider. You must re-register.

How to register

It's free to register for this service. Just text T911 to 428911 from your phone and follow the prompts.

T911 compatible phones

A supported handset is required to use the T911 service. The following Koodo phones support T911:


  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone6s Plus
  • iPhone SE


  • Idol 3
  • Pixi 4
  • Pixi3 4.5
  • Lume
  • Pixi3 4


  • One M9
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL


  • Nexus 6P


  • Moto E (2nd Generation)
  • Moto G (3rd Generation)
  • Moto Z
  • Moto Z play
  • Moto G play
  • Moto G4 Plus
  • Moto X Play


  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy Grand Prime
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy S6 Edge+
  • Galaxy A5
  • Galaxy A5 new edition
  • Galaxy J1
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy J3
  • Galaxy Note 7
  • Galaxy S7


  • XP5700
  • XP7 IS


  • LEAP
  • DTEK50
  • Priv


  • G3
  • Nexus 5X
  • K4
  • X Power
  • G5
  • G4


  • Accel Voyager


  • Duraforce
  • Dura XE


  • Lumia 435

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