Credit check requirements

A credit check is required for all new customers. Tab eligibility and activation are subject to credit approval. To complete a credit check at a Koodo store or retail partner, you’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, and one of the following:

  • Canadian Driver’s License, or
  • Canadian SIN card or Letter, or
  • Canadian Credit Card

Plus, any one of the following pieces of photo identification:

  • Valid Canadian Driver’s License (a driver’s license can’t be used for both photo ID and a credit check assessment)
  • Valid Passport (Canadian or foreign)
  • Work Visa
  • Department of Defense ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Native Indian Status Card
  • CNIB Card
  • Valid Provincial/Territorial Photo ID (government-issued)
  • Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)

Heads up

  • A Canadian credit card is needed if you're buying online, as well as your SIN or Canadian Driver’s License.
  • We don't require a credit check for Prepaid customers.
  • Are you a Prepaid Koodo or Public Mobile customer who wants to move to Postpaid (monthly) Koodo services? Here’s how.

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