Charges explained

Charges on your first bill:

If you're surprised by the amount on your first monthly bill, it might help to look at it this way...

Your bill includes pro-rated or partial charges from your activation date to your billing date, plus the next full month in advance.

This means that you'll see a partial charge for your plan and add-ons for the days prior to your bill date, in addition to the complete monthly charge. You'll see partial charges on your bill anytime you change plans or add-ons.

** Add-ons are optional features that can provide additional value on top of your monthly plan. You can add/remove these at any time via Self Serve.

If you activated or upgraded in store, you'll see a one-time $50 connection fee charge on your first bill.

Charges related to the Tab and Tab Bonus

For customers with a Tab, you will have a Tab Charge every month that reduces the Tab balance. In addition, if you cancel, upgrade or change to an ineligible rate plan, you'll be charged your remaining Tab and/or Tab Bonus balances (subject to any applicable adjustments).

If you migrated to TELUS and carried a Tab balance over, you'll see a Tab Adjustment, which will correspond to your Tab Debit. If you have a Tab Bonus Debit, you'll also see a Tab Bonus Adjustment. After adjustments, you'll only be charged for the tax on your remaining Tab balance.

See more information on Tab and Tab Bonus charges.

Additional airtime charges

Additional airtime charges happen when you use more minutes than you have in your plan. Each additional minute costs $0.70. To save on future bills, you may need to change your plan or get an add-on.

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Per-minute billing

Per-minute billing is the most common billing method in Canada. It means that all calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. So let’s say you made a call that was approximately 3 minutes and 48 seconds in length. You’ll actually be charged for a 4 minute call.

If you activated before February 2, 2012, you currently have per-second billing. If you activated on or after February 2, 2012, or if you’ve made changes to your current monthly plan after that time, then you’re being charged per-minute billing.

Messaging and data charges

All your usage info can be found by logging into Self Serve. If you don’t exceed your included minutes, texts and data, your usage amount won't appear on your bill. Additional text messages cost $0.25. Each text message consists of 160 characters. Premium messages aren’t included.

Data charges will apply if you go over your data while you’re using your Koodo phone to browse the web, download apps, use social media, stream videos or receive emails. 

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Premium messages

Premium text and picture messages aren't included in your monthly plan. This applies even if you have unlimited messaging in your plan. So if you sign up to receive special messages or text messages about contests, you’ll be charged by third party companies to use their service. Koodo does not endorse premium messages. It's important to always read the fine print before signing up for these contests and be aware of what you're agreeing to. If you currently subscribe to services like these and want to unsubscribe, text back "STOP" and the messages should stop.

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Pay-per-use services

Koodo offers services that aren't included in your Agreement that any user on the account can use on a pay-per-use basis. Information about pay-per-use services and current rates can be found here.

Long distance and roaming charges

If you're on a Canada-wide plan

There are no long distance or roaming charges in Canada, so that means you can call from anywhere in Canada to anywhere in Canada worry-free.

U.S. long distance calling

A charge of $0.80/min applies when making a call within Canada to the U.S. An extra $1.60/min U.S. roaming charge applies when you make or receive calls in the U.S.

There won’t be any long-distance fees for calling toll-free numbers, which are listed below. Only airtime will be billed.

  • 1-800-XXX-XXXX
  • 1-833-XXX-XXXX
  • 1-844-XXX-XXXX
  • 1-855-XXX-XXXX
  • 1-866-XXX-XXXX
  • 1-877-XXX-XXXX
  • 1-888-XXX-XXXX

See our international rates and long distance charges.

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Application purchase charge

An application purchase charge appears when you choose to charge your Koodo phone bill for purchases made with a third-party application or service.

Some examples of purchases that can be made are:

  • Apps and in-app purchases
  • Monthly music subscriptions
  • In-game purchases (Microsoft/Xbox store, Sony wallet, etc.)

To cancel the service or subscription, you'll need to contact the third-party company.


What does it mean when it says I have a (-) negative on my bill? Are you going to reimburse me?

Yes! That's exactly what a negative means on a bill. Within 30 days of cancelling your service, you’ll receive a reimbursement either through your pre-authorized payment method (if you’ve added one to your account) or we’ll send you a cheque.

Why am I charged for my SIM card before I’ve even activated it?

To make sure that you can start enjoying your new SIM as quickly as possible, we ship it to you already activated. Billing starts only once it ships. When you receive the SIM card, you can immediately start to use it!

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