Changing your address

Note: To protect your privacy, this is an online-only transaction that must be done using Self Serve.

Did you move recently? Change your address in Self Serve to keep your records updated. Here's how.

  1. Log in to your Self Serve account.
  2. From the Self Serve drop-down menu, select My profile. Scroll down to Billing address and select Change.
  3. Your current address will appear in My Profile. To change it, select Change.
  4. There are a few ways of finding your address: a) Start typing your address. When you find the correct address, select it and the form will automatically populate. Select Submit. b) Or, manually type your address in the form. Select Submit.
  5. Find your address on the green verification page and select Save.
  6. You’ll return to My profile, where your address will be updated within 15 minutes.

Good to know

  • You must have a Canadian address to register.
  • Your mailing address will be verified by Canada Post. If it can't be found in the system, please contact Canada Post.
  • An address can be updated but not entirely removed.


How can I update my address if I don't have an email address?

If you’re unable to log in to Koodo Self Serve because you don’t have an email address, please schedule a callback through Koodo Assist, and a rep will be happy to help you.

Why can't I ship to an address that is different from my billing address?

While we understand that you might live where you don't have your card registered or that you might want items shipped to other family members, other houses, etc, we can ship only to the card's billing address as a security measure to prevent fraudulent purchases on your account.

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