Changes to positive Tab

After you receive your July bill, you’ll see the following changes to your positive Tab:

  1. Any positive Tab amount you’ve already earned will be converted into a personalized Koodo upgrade offer that can be used toward buying a new phone at any Koodo location – just like how you would’ve used positive Tab in the past. Log in to your Self Serve account to learn how much you’ve earned.
  2. Your positive Tab will no longer grow. Before, positive Tab had the potential to grow to $150 in value before being capped. But don’t worry, starting in August, if you upgrade your phone online with the Tab, your offer will be topped up to the full value of $150. This offer is only available online, and doesn’t expire.

Will these changes affect how much I pay on my monthly bill?

No, these changes won’t affect your monthly bill. You’ll continue to pay the same amount per month as you do right now.

Do I need to buy a new phone now?

Well, you could if you really wanted to, but you don’t have to right away. When you’re ready to buy a new phone, either one of these new offers can be used towards buying a new Koodo phone. See our phones here.

What happens if I already have the full $150 positive Tab balance?

Your positive Tab will transition into a $150 offer which you can use, anytime, anywhere – just like how you would’ve used your positive Tab before.

Where will I see the offer?

Starting in August, when you log in to your Self Serve account, these offers will be available on the Phones page.

Can I use this offer to pay my bill, or can I transfer it to another Koodo customer?

No. Just like positive Tab points, this offer is only for you to use towards buying your next Koodo phone.

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