Certified Pre-owned Phones

Want a "new to you" phone without the new phone price? We can help with that. Koodo Certified Pre-owned phones are refurbished, high-quality phones. Each one goes through an extensive inspection process by an experienced technician to meet our commitment to quality.

Functional Inspection

With the highest of standards, we inspect the phone’s body, camera, screen, buttons, keys, audio and vibration components, software, and battery to ensure everything works the way it was meant to.

Network Connection Testing

We test our phones to ensure data transmission is working.

Full System Wipe and Software Update

The latest software is installed and all other content will be wiped.

Quality guarantee and warranty

Each phone is thoroughly disinfected, re-packaged just like new in a Koodo Certified Pre-Owned box, and offered to you at prices much lower than their brand-new equivalents. You have up to 30 days* to try out your Certified Pre-owned phone. If you’re not crazy about it, you can return it. Plus, they’re all backed by warranty from Koodo

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What’s included with every Certified Pre-Owned Phone

  • An original manufacturer wall charger
  • A data cable
  • A Koodo SIM card

Certified Pre-Owned Phone Warranty

Every Certified Pre-Owned Phone purchased after November 10, 2020 includes a Certified Pre-owned warranty valid for a period of up to 1 year from the date of purchase**. We’ll cover the costs to repair any manufacturer’s defects for this period.

If your Certified Pre-owned Android phone is in need of an in-warranty repair, visit a Koodo store for assistance. If your Certified Pre-owned iPhone requires an in-warranty repair, visit a TELUS location for assistance. Check out the warranty and repair help page for more details.

The Applecare+ Protection Plan isn’t offered with our Certified Pre-Owned Phones and is only available for new iPhones.

We try to fill up on as many quality, refurbished phones as we can, but inventory is limited. Try to grab the phone you want the moment you see it, as stock is available on a first come, first served basis. If you don’t see the phone you’re looking for in our catalogue, keep checking back frequently.

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Terms & Conditions

* If you are not satisfied, you can return your purchase for an exchange or refund, with the original sales receipt, within 15 days from purchase if bought in store*** or 30 days from purchase date if bought online. Click here for more information regarding our return policies.

** Koodo will cover the costs of any manufacturer defects (no physical/liquid damage) for 1 year, starting from the date of purchase.

*** Up to 30 days for those with disabilities

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