Call Display+

Call Display+ shows you the name and number of people who have called you, even if they’re not in your contacts. The caller’s information is displayed on your screen during an incoming call. You don’t need to subscribe for the service - it’s totally free to all Koodo customers with a compatible mobile phone. Prior to Call Display+ your phone would display the phone number, but not the name of the incoming caller.

Outbound Call Display+ works differently in different situations.

  1. If you call a number which has Call Display from a digital area, your number will be displayed on their call display.
  2. If you call a number which has Call Display from a non-digital area, you’ll show as “Private” or “Out of Area” on their Call Display.
  3. If you call a number which has Call Display, but press * 67 before dialing the area code and number* from a digital area then you’ll show up as “Private Caller” on their Call Display. This is called Call Blocking.

Where is Inbound Call Display+ available?

  1. If you’ve got a compatible phone and the callers’ network sends out their name then your phone will be able to display both the caller’s number and name on all incoming calls including Call Waiting calls.
  2. There are a few places where this service isn’t yet available, but is planned for the future. At this time; 250-718 numbers in Kelowna and 250-927 numbers in Parksville do not have caller display availability.
  3. If you are outside a digital area your phone will not show Call Display+ for any incoming calls.
  4. Call Dispay+ might not work with roaming.

Permanently disable Call Display+

  • You can permanently disable Call Display+ by contacting us. This means that no incoming numbers will be shown when they call, but your number will still show up when you make calls.

Permanently set up Call Blocking

  • Contact us to set up call blocking
  • Permanent Line Blocking is free and doesn’t affect incoming calls. However, it varies according to a person’s wireline or wireless network, therefore cannot be guaranteed.

  • You can use one-time Call Blocking by dialing #31# (* 67 for landlines), plus the area code and number of the person you’re calling, followed by pressing either the Send or Talk key. One-time Call Blocking varies according to a person’s wireline or wireless network and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Double-check instructions with the landline provider if you're calling a wire line phone or a non-Koodo phone.

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