The Tab Bonus (formerly ‘Phone Credit’)

Depending on the Phone and Tab you choose, you might get a Tab Bonus to reduce the cost of your phone, making it easy for you to get the phone you really want on the terms that are right for you.

The difference between the Tab and the Tab Bonus is that you pay a Tab charge to reduce your Tab balance every month, but not your Tab Bonus. It’s all for you, on us. The Tab Bonus balance simply goes down each month, and you’ll only have to pay the remaining Tab Bonus balance if you cancel, upgrade or change to an ineligible rate plan before it reaches $0.

This is the first time I'm hearing the term Tab Bonus. What is it? Wasn’t it called 'Phone Credit,' 'Activation Bonus' or 'Activation Credit' before?

It was formerly referred to as the Phone Credit, Activation Bonus, or Activation Credit, and we recently changed its name. It still means the same thing but has a new name, which is “Tab Bonus.” Similar to the Tab, the Tab Bonus is offered by Koodo to reduce the upfront cost of the phone.

How does it work?

The Tab Bonus amount is included in your Customer Service Agreement (CSA) and the balance draws down equally over 24 months, so each month the Bonus balance will decrease similar to the Tab.

Do I pay towards the Tab Bonus, similar to the Tab?

No, you do not make monthly payments to reduce your Tab Bonus balance, because it automatically reduces every month. You’ll just have to pay back the remaining Tab Bonus balance if you cancel, upgrade, or change to an ineligible rate plan before the balance reaches $0.

Just so I understand, I do not have to pay back any of the Tab Bonus amount if I do not cancel, upgrade, or change to an ineligible rate plan before 24 months?

You’ve got it!

And if I have to pay the remaining Tab Bonus balance, do I need to pay back the full amount that I was credited at the start of the agreement?

No, since your Tab Bonus balance reduces every month over 24 months until it reaches $0, you only have to pay back the remaining balance at the time you cancel, renew, or change to an ineligible rate plan.

For example, if you received a $120 Tab Bonus at the start of your agreement and would like to cancel in month 12, you’ll need to pay back $60. This is because each month, for this example, the Tab Bonus balance goes down by $5.

Can I see the remaining Tab Bonus balance on my Self Serve account?

Yes, you’ll be able to see your Tab Bonus balance by logging into your account, clicking the Self Serve Tab, and selecting the “Koodo Tab” page. You can check out your current Tab Bonus balance, how much it reduces each month and other information about your Tab Bonus and Tab balances.

Customers who signed up from August 25, 2019 until July 4, 2020 with a Tab Bonus (formerly referred to as the ‘Phone Credit’) will continue to not see their Tab Bonus in Self Serve. However, we are working on updating your Self Serve accounts to display the Tab Bonus in the coming months. You can reach out to us if you need info on your remaining Tab Bonus balance.

Since when did Koodo start charging back the remaining Tab Bonus balance?

We’re always working towards being fair and simple and giving our customers a positive experience. We made this adjustment to our service terms for new activations and upgrades on August 25, 2019.

Does this updated Tab Bonus experience impact both prepaid and postpaid customers?

Only postpaid customers who receive a Phone Credit on or after August 25, 2019.

Does this have an impact on the Tab process?

No, the Tab process remains the same.

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