TELUS IP (Internet Protocol) Relay Service enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to place and receive text-based relay calls from their personal computer (PC) and/or mobile device. A TELUS IP Relay operator will connect an IP Relay caller to a voice party. All calls are strictly confidential. All you need to use TELUS IP Relay is a PC with an Internet connection.

There is no charge for using the TELUS IP Relay Service to place local calls or long-distance calls within North America using a PC. For wireless smartphone devices, all applicable usage charges still apply. International calls are billed at regular long distance rates.

Calls placed through the TELUS IP Relay Service are also entirely confidential. TELUS IP Relay agents are professionally trained and follow a strict code of ethics. No record of conversation content is retained.

How to reach TELUS IP Relay

You can reach TELUS IP Relay through a computer or mobile device.

How TELUS IP Relay works for IP users

A person who is deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled uses a PC or wireless web-enabled device to type his or her conversation to a TELUS IP Relay agent, who then reads the typed conversation to the other party. The TELUS IP Relay agent then types the other party's spoken words back to the IP Relay user.

Getting started

PC requirements:

  • Internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1, etc.)
  • Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Apple Safari 4 or greater, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or greater, Google Chrome)
  • Computer

Wireless smartphone requirements:

  • Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard
  • Web browser supporting AJAX and Javascript (e.g. Bolt browser for Blackberry devices and Skyfire browser for Windows mobile devices)
  • Please refer to your smartphone user guides for more information
  1. Connect to from your PC or wireless device. If this is your first time using the service, select Register for a new account and follow the registration process.
  2. Log on to TELUS IP Relay with your access number and password
  3. In the Make a call tab, enter the phone number in the "number to dial” field".
  4. The TELUS IP Relay agent will answer by typing "Welcome to TELUS IP RELAY SERVICE, this is operator #, my name is (agent's name), followed by GA (for "go ahead").
  5. The TELUS IP Relay agent will dial the number and will let you know how the connection is progressing (e.g. ringing 1…2…3…), inform you when someone answers, and then give the person's gender in brackets (e.g. (f) female, (m) male).

Tips for voice users

  • Remember to speak directly to the IP Relay user, not to the TELUS IP Relay agent.
  • Speak a bit more slowly than usual, as the TELUS IP Relay agent is typing in word for word what you are saying.
  • Spell names.
  • Always say GO AHEAD when you are finished.
  • Always wait for the TELUS IP Relay agent to say GO AHEAD before speaking.
  • Let the TELUS IP Relay agent know at the beginning of the call if you are familiar with the service.
  • If the IP Relay user is unavailable, you will have the option to leave a text message. For more information please go to TIPS and FAQ.

Two-line voice carry over

If you can speak clearly and use text to see what the other person is saying, you may request Voice Carry Over (VCO). Two-line VCO allows you to speak for yourself, while the TELUS IP Relay agent will type what the person says to you.

How to use IP Relay to contact Koodo

To contact Koodo or to share feedback on the IP Relay service, check out the Feedback section of our Accessibility help page.

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