Wireless Video Experience Optimization

What is Wireless Network Experience Optimization?

In order to enhance the overall performance of our networks for all customers and provide the best possible experience when viewing web pages and streaming videos on your mobile wireless device, we’ve implemented Wireless Network Experience Optimization which improves video streaming and web page loading by encoding files to reduce their size. As a result, videos may load faster, and have less buffering. You may also use less data, which can save you money.

With Wireless Network Experience Optimization in place, you can continue to access the same range of Internet content, applications and services, subject to the general rules in our standard mobility Service Terms.

Why is Koodo implementing Optimization?

The radio spectrum in Canada that is needed to support data use is limited and the networks that rely on this spectrum are rapidly becoming congested. At Koodo, we want to make the best use of the spectrum available to us by ensuring fair access for all customers. As a result, we’ve implemented Wireless Network Experience Optimization throughout our wireless network by managing the amount of bandwidth consumed by streaming videos. 

What types of Internet content will be optimized?

Optimization may apply to any detected streaming video that is accessed on a mobile wireless device over the Koodo network in Canada. Optimization doesn’t apply to videos or images saved or downloaded to your device, video messages, or conferencing, or videos you stream when connected to a Wi-Fi network. The level of optimization will differ if optimization by certain video content providers is more restrictive, which in turn will define customer experience.

Who does video optimization apply to and when?

Video network optimization applies to all of our wireless customers. Any device connected to the Koodo wireless network will be optimized in order to preserve the performance of our network and ensure fair access for all customers. This includes smartphones, tablets, Internet keys, and smart hubs. 

Video Experience Optimization has been in effect since November 31, 2012. Web Image Optimization has been in effect as of April 17, 2015. For further information please Contact Us

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