Wireless Video Experience Optimization

Why is Koodo implementing Video Experience Optimization?

The radio spectrum in Canada that is needed to support data use is limited and the networks that rely on this spectrum are rapidly becoming congested. At Koodo, we want to make the best use of the spectrum available to us by ensuring fair access for all customers. As a result, we've implemented Video Experience Optimization throughout our 4G wireless network to encode streamed videos at all times. This allows them to have a smaller impact on the network with minimal impact to quality. Please note that this only affects video streaming and not any Wi-Fi usage or home Internet service.

How does it work?

Our Video Experience Optimization equipment looks at the technical characteristics of the video content that you are trying to stream as well as the type of device you're using. If the format has not already been fully optimized for delivery over a wireless network to your specific device, our equipment optimizes the file before sending it. The equipment continuously evaluates videos to determine the best balance of viewing experience and optimization. The end result is that videos load faster, without noticeably taking away from the viewing experience. You also use less data which can save you money.

What types of Internet content will be optimized?

Only Internet videos (eg. Flash and MPEG4) that are streamed on a wireless device will be optimized. Optimization doesn't apply for files that are downloaded, video conferencing, Face Time, live chat, gaming, Skype, or videos saved to your device. The level of optimization will differ depending on the video being streamed. For example, videos delivered to a device with a high resolution screen will not be optimized, in order to ensure the quality of the video remains the same. Streaming videos delivered to a device with a low/medium resolution screen will benefit most from optimization.

What types of wireless devices are optimized?

All devices connected to the Koodo 4G network will be optimized. This includes smartphones, tablets, Internet keys, and smart hubs. The level of optimization will automatically adjust based on the display capabilities of each device and the type of video being streamed. In this way, each video is delivered at the rate that the device is capable of displaying it.

Is Video Experience Optimization common in other countries?

As a response to global network data congestion, more than 500 wireless operators in the United States, Europe, and around the world have recently adopted Video Experience Optimization. User experiences with these providers show that users enjoy the benefits of optimization, including faster video loading, less buffering and stalls, lower data usage, less network congestion and no noticeable reduction in image quality.

Are there other network experience optimization methods in place for Koodo?

At this time we do not have any further optimization methods, however we continuously explore new ways to improve our network and better your experience every day.

Video Experience Optimization will be in effect as of November 31, 2012. For further information please Contact Us.

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