Terms of Service for Automatic Account Withdrawals

You authorize Koodo Mobile to withdraw funds from the bank account identified by the payment details you have provided, in order to pay the charges you incurred for Koodo Mobile services. You can use pre‑authorized payment for both postpaid and prepaid services. For postpaid accounts, the charges may vary (for instance, if you change your rate plan, purchase an add-on or use pay-per-use services) and the amount withdrawn will automatically be adjusted to match the amount owing on your current bill. For prepaid service, the amount withdrawn will be the specific amount you determine when setting up the pre‑authorized payment.

If you have a postpaid account, Koodo Mobile will send a text message to your phone prior to the date of the withdrawal. You can also receive email notifications by visiting and modifying your billing notifications. You acknowledge and agree that the notice may be received less than ten days before the date of the debit or after the debit has been made. The notice will also indicate the amount to be debited from your account. However, the amount shown may not always be accurate.  For prepaid service, no notice of withdrawal is sent, since the amount withdrawn does not vary unless you reset the auto top up amount.

Postpaid customers may revoke their authorization at any time by sending a notice at least 30 days in advance to Koodo Mobile Client Payment Services, PO Box 8930 Station Terminal, Vancouver (B.C.) V6B 4E2. Prepaid customers may revoke their authorization by visiting the Koodo Mobile web site at For more information on your right to cancel a preauthorized debit agreement, contact your financial institution or visit Your Koodo Mobile service is not cancelled if you no longer subscribe to pre-authorized payment, so you will need to ensure that your payment is received in time by Koodo Mobile to avoid gaps in service.

All withdrawals from your account must comply with this PAD Agreement, and you have recourses if they do not. For example, you have the right to receive reimbursement for any withdrawal that is not consistent with this PAD Agreement. To obtain more information on your recourse rights, contact your financial institution or visit

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