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The 101 on Koodo SIM cards

Getting a Koodo SIM card

SIM cards are like people – they come in different shapes and sizes. Check with your phone brand’s user guide to see what kind of SIM card it can hold. Depending on your phone, you might need to get a new SIM card.

Have a phone from another carrier? Make sure your phone is compatible with our network.

Need a Koodo SIM card or bringing your own phone? Get a SIM card at your nearest Koodo store.

Activating your SIM card

Activate your SIM card now or contact us for help. Just so you know, charges will apply if you ask us to do this over the phone.

SIM card error messages

If you get an error message, double-check that your SIM card is inserted properly. Still not working? Visit your nearest Koodo store or contact us for help.

Activating your Prepaid phone

See our Prepaid site to learn how to activate your phone.

We are constantly finding ways to improve our service and the feedback you leave here helps us to do that. However, we can’t respond to individual messages from this form.

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