Pay per use rates by country

What country are you travelling to?

Voice rate (per minute)
Outgoing SMS
Other pay-per-use rates
Extra minute rate within Canada 70¢/min
Canada to U.S. rate 80¢/min
Canadian long distance rate 80¢/min
Canadian long-distance rate (for Province-wide plans as of Feb 23, 2021) 25¢/min
Canada to international text rate 15¢/outgoing text message and 30¢/outgoing picture and video message
Pay-per-use call forwarding 60¢/min
E-Bill Free
Directory assistance (411) $3.50/call plus airtime
Easy Roam - US Daily Fee when travelling $14.00
Easy Roam - INTL Daily Fee when travelling $16.00
Add / remove / change add-on1 $10
Address change1 $10
Phone number change (allowed once every 30 days) Free, online only
Plan change (allowed once per billing cycle)1 $10
Reconnection from suspension for non-payment1 $40
Transfer of ownership $40
Bill copies $5/bill

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