Before you buy a prepaid phone

Koodo phones are sold at Koodo stores, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. Find the location nearest you.

Just so you know

  • There are no credit checks on Koodo Prepaid phones.
  • Premium messages are not supported on Koodo Prepaid.

Returns and exchanges

If you're not getting the results you want, Koodo offers a 15-day money back guarantee on your phone. You'll get whatever you paid for your phone back. Any other charges, however, will be your responsibility. Accessories aren't eligible for returns or refunds unless they're defective. Return your phone in its original condition with all original packaging and parts, along with a copy of your receipt, to the original place of purchase.

Learn more about our return and exchange policy.

Warranty and repair policy

Learn about our warranty and repair policy.


To be a Prepaid customer, do I have to use a Koodo phone, or can I use my own phone?

You can use any phone that's compatible with a tri-SIM (this is essentially any modern phone - there are very few that don't work with our SIM!)

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